What are the spiritual beliefs and practices of the community at Sunrise Ranch?

The core belief at Sunrise Ranch is that the reality of the Divine lives within all people. To be known by the individual, it must be expressed and embodied in a human life. True knowing of the Divine in this way creates personal happiness and well-being, and it leads to a fulfilling life experience for the individual.

Sunrise Ranch is founded on the belief that the world has entered a crucial time in its unfolding history. We believe that, more than ever, the world needs teaching and demonstration sites that offer an enlightened vision of the future. It needs places and groups of people who show a creative path forward into what is next for humanity. Sunrise Ranch is a place where this happens.

The essential spiritual practice of Sunrise Ranch is Primal Spirituality—the discipline of conscious, creative expression at all levels of the human experience. We use many practices to deepen and strengthen this experience. These include a Sunday morning service, conscious dialogue, Attunement, Healing Chant and meditation.