Vigil for the World …
a free online webinar event

April 21 - June 9 | 2020

You may be feeling it too … the call to come together in a new way.

More than ever, people from all walks of life are holding vigil, praying together, meditating together and supporting one another as we move through the most globally challenging circumstance in our lifetime.

Many are feeling overwhelmed, afraid and powerless … but we KNOW how to meet this and transform it. We understand the impact of this spiritual work and how it influences the outworking of human affairs.


We invite you to be with us, for this guided process, to amplify the current of love, peace and wholeness for ourselves and the world around us. Something rich and powerful happens when we come together in this way … consciousness shifts, new paradigms are created and new ways of being and doing are made manifest.


You are invited to be with us for a sacred 8-week Vigil for the World, as we use the power of affirmative prayer, meditation and energy medicine to bring a shift into a higher vibration of Being for ourselves and the world.

Join us at 7 p.m. Tuesdays from April 21 through June 9 for this free online webinar experience.

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