The Art and Practice of Shamanic Healing

September 19 - 26 | 2019

A Three-Year Professional Training and Initiation: September 2019 – April 2022

The “3Y” is a comprehensive shamanic practitioner training that is designed for individuals who are called to provide spiritual healing and facilitate spiritual well-being on behalf of others. Those who feel drawn to working exclusively as shamanic healers, as well as those who feel drawn to offering shamanic healing in concert with one or more complementary healing modalities (such as allopathic medicine, functional or holistic medicine, psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy, acupuncture, energy medicine, one or more bodywork modalities, etc.) are equally welcome to apply.

The arc of the 3Y curriculum is designed to unfold with increasing complexity over time, which affords participants the opportunity to gather and cultivate their unique medicine gradually throughout the training. Thus, during the course of this immersive training, participants can expect to develop a sophisticated array of shamanic skills, clarify and refine their areas of particular affinity as shamanic healers, and receive transformative shamanic initiations and empowerments — all within the safety of a strong, consistent practice container.

How the 3Y is Structured

The unique 3Y learning arc consists of:

• Six weeklong, in-person residential retreats at the Sunrise Ranch Spiritual Retreat Center in Loveland, Colorado, beginning in September of 2019

• Eight daylong virtual practice days in between the residential retreats

• An at-home curriculum delivered to your inbox every other week, providing you with daily and weekly shamanic practices

• Practice pods that you meet with monthly (either in-person or by way of Skype or Zoom) for a half-day of intensive practice

• A private, dedicated Facebook group

Shamanic Healing Techniques That You Will Cultivate During the 3Y


Power Animal Retrieval

Soul Retrieval




Cord Cutting

Curse Unraveling


Compassionate Depossession

Past Life Healing

Partnering with the Natural World

The Alchemy of Your Unique Medicine

The Client-Practitioner Relationship

The 3Y Application Process

No open enrollment for this retreat is permitted through Sunrise Ranch alone. The 3Y professional training accepts participants by application only. Julie Kramer provides detailed information and instructions on applying to her 3Y program on her website. There is an early application deadline of December 31, 2018, followed by a second application deadline of April 30, 2019, if spaces are still available. Please click below to read more information and apply now!

About Julie Kramer

Julie practices and teaches Essential Shamanism – a universal approach to working in partnership with the unseen world using natural trance states. She is the creator of “The Sacred Call of the Healer,” a yearlong shamanic initiation for artists, therapists, body and energy workers, leaders, and visionaries who carry the mantle of the healer, as well as “The Art and Practice of Shamanic Healing,” a three-year professional shamanic practitioner training that combines six weeklong in-person gatherings with an at-home curriculum undertaken individually and in small study pods.


Whether leading a long-term training or a stand-alone workshop, Julie teaches a heart-based approach to shamanic discovery that is predicated upon the principles of humility, integrity, dignity, maturity, and sovereignty. She believes that it is our birthright to be in direct relationship with the divine, and she is passionate about helping people of all walks of life remember their innate capacity to do so. Julie and her wife, Tami, as well as their Spoodles, Raspberry and Bula, divide their time between Boulder, Colorado, and Cortes Island, British Columbia.

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