Original Voice®

October 4 - 9 | 2021

A five-day residential educational training intensive with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

The intention in creating in-depth Original Voice® trainings is to help directly “untie” in learners their knotted up creative functions; to explain what fear of creating truly is made of (it’s not what most might guess); what constitutes success in its many guises; ways to lay to rest any los diablocitos (little devils); and to calm the ego, and especially to re-bless the soul, so each person can carry through their callings and dedication to creative life.

Our stories, summonses, and works yet to be completed—or begun—are all within the show of creativity, deep inside the psyche, often imagined and planned for many years, if only one can follow through step by step.

This is an invitation to the learner for a transformative, hands-on training with a seminal thinker in crosscultural and archetypal psychology, and effective ethnic healing modalities in the modern world. Original Voice® learners will be given many of the same practices Dr. Estés developed to bring her five books, twenty-five original spoken-word audio series, and countless paintings into the world.

For more information visit mavenproductions.com.

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