Living Compassion, Building Community: Walking the Talk

June 16 - 24 | 2017

We live in an increasingly fragmented world, awash with more information than we can ever digest.
Social media and news outlets tailor messages to match what they think we want to hear, creating perceptual enclaves, often preoccupied with amplifying the faults of others. Addressing the discord this causes is one of the monumental challenges of our times.

How do we support the underlying social cohesion required to solve the monumental challenges we face? Is it possible to connect across our differences and harvest the wisdom found in diverse perspectives? Can we resonate with differing points of view without trying to convert or “fix” them? How can the communication work of Marshall Rosenberg help build the coherence that invites community that is compassionate, and able to solve problems and transform pain, revealing joy and celebration?


  • What nourishes the courage it takes to let go of outcome.
  • Supporting people as they struggle and learn while staying grounded and present without the urge to fix or to avoid.
  • Welcoming what is alive, even when it brings discomfort.
  • Authenticity, ease, and life-deepening feedback.
  • The power of celebration and gratitude.
  • Staying connected to what is precious in the midst of conflict.
  • A quality of engagement that creates “an amazing sense of support.”
  • Collaboration: accepting as well as offering.
  • Touching and trusting the group wisdom.

Presented By The Rocky Mountain Compassionate Communication Network (RMCCN).

For seven years, RMCCN has devoted itself to nourishing the skills and consciousness that enable us to empower compassionate relationships, building resilient and welcoming community, enriching and honoring the integrity of each individual, and celebrating life by drawing our attention to what is precious and enduring. Join our journey as we explore the human capacity to bring deliberation, choice and connection to our lives; the journey from passive victim to active participant in our own destiny; from confusion and doubt to clarity and confidence. Join us as we explore living compassion, building community.

The Living Compassion Building Community Facilitation Community includes:

CNVC Certified Trainers: David Shindoll, Jacqueline Muller, Gregory Rouillard and Kathy Ziola
RMCCN Accredited Facilitators: Susan Jennings, Ken Rosevear, Susan Kaplan and David Steele

Attendance at this conference requires two separate registrations: 1) Tuition, which is handled here, AND 2) Accommodations, which is handled below. Please remember that you must register at both locations in order to attend, including for accommodations even if you plan to commute. Thank you!

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