Healing Chant Retreat

December 01 - 02 | 2017

Join us in sharing a radiant, healing release of spirit through chant.

Within the depths of the human soul lies the source of life-giving energy and healing. For millennia, mystics have accessed this inner power through the voice. Healing Chant brings this process into the current day. It is a consciousness practice that uses musical tone and the human energy field to transmute experience, bringing upliftment and vibrancy. Healing Chant draws on our innate spiritual resources to promote wholeness and well-being.

The spiritual basis for the retreat is nondenominational and requires acceptance of no particular belief or tradition, only a genuine openness to the release of spiritual current through the voice. Learn to use your voice to deepen your spiritual communion and develop your understanding and practice of healing chant.
The exploration and instruction will include:
• Sacred chants from Eastern and Western traditions
• Overtone chanting
• Use of ancient modes in contemporary chant

Event Leaders and Presenters


David Karchere

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