Gentle Wisdom Yoga

September 19 - 22 | 2019

I hope you can join me in September for a three-night yoga, meditation and yoga nidra retreat to be held at the beautiful Sunrise Ranch Conference and Retreat Center in Loveland, Colorado.

My vision for this retreat is to take a genuine pause from our day-to-day life and spend time relaxing, learning, sharing, contemplating and growing. This nurturing retreat will take place during the beautiful Colorado fall season and among a garden, reflection pond, hiking trails and a private gathering room. We will move gently with yoga, cultivate personal intentions to reshape a belief or habit into something more wholesome, explore and experiment with a variety of meditations and have time to integrate it all with time alone as well. My intention is to create a warm and welcoming environment to build a community of women who feel safe, supported and inspired.

Gentle Wisdom Yoga

My gentle yoga uses slow-moving poses, simple breathing techniques and guided imagery to allow you to find inner peace and quiet. Your body will move with more ease, your emotions and always-thinking mind will discover a calmness and you will feel more connected to Self. My philosophy is more about “innercise” than exercise, integrating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual worlds.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra is an ancient practice that uses a combination of breathing, guided meditation and visualization. It is done lying down or in a chair, letting your body be completely relaxed and at ease. You will be led on a journey of relaxation which begins and ends with a silent personal intention. The guided meditation allows this intention to seep deep down into the subconscious allowing for subtle and not-so-subtle changes in behaviors and habits. Neural pathways change and a deeper sense of Self is experienced. We will also use this practice before bed to have a more restful sleep.


Meditation is anything that brings you into the present moment. Since the present moment is all we ever really have, it is a way to practice a simpler way of being in a busy and chaotic world. I believe that whether you have never worked with meditation or it’s a part of your daily life, you will leave this retreat discovering a deeper relationship with the present moment and yourself.

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