Falling in Love with Where You Are

April 22 - 27 | 2020

Embracing the Joy and Heartbreak of Spiritual Awakening

A 5-Day Journey of Presence, Self-Acceptance, and Opening the Heart

with Jeff Foster & Matt Licata Ph.D.



After dozens of retreats, thousands of dollars spent on self-help books, therapists and meditation classes… I finally learned how to meet my deepest pain and shame… and even find joy and humor there…


What if…

  • The deep rest, freedom and aliveness you long for is not found in mending, fixing, or even healing yourself, but in embracing the “glorious mess” of your humanity, and surrendering to the beautiful imperfection of your life?
  • Spiritual enlightenment is already here, shining through the ordinariness of the present moment, closer than your next breath?
  • The safety and courage you’ve always been seeking is actually contained in the midst of your tender vulnerability, uncertainty, brokenness and “shame”?
  • There is precious alchemical medicine hidden inside your pain, and your deepest longings, aches, doubts and sorrows are actual portals to joy?
  • You are perfect, and loveable, and whole, exactly as you are?


Has your life become an endless “self-improvement project?” After years of working on yourself, meditation, therapy, spiritual seeking, and trying to “quiet your mind” or “lose your ego,” do you still feel far from where you wanted to be? Do you long to slow down, rest, come out of repetitive and exhausting thinking, and be deeply embraced, exactly as you are?

This retreat is an invitation to profound rest, compassion, and self-realization. Through mindful awareness, kindness and befriending, and the therapeutic power of love, together we will “end the inner war” with our experience and to awaken to the sacredness of our ordinary lives. With their trademark gentleness and humor, Matt and Jeff bring a powerful core teaching of Presence – from both spiritual, meditative, and psychological perspectives – which lovingly dismantles self-abadonment and shame at its very root and wakes us up to the miracle of being alive.

  • A deep sense of rest and freedom that is always present, and ending the “inner war” with ourselves and with life.
  • Uncovering the alchemcial medicine hidden in even our most challenging experiences of disappointment, uncertainty, loss, and grief.
  • Why “working on yourself” doesn’t always work, and how a radical transformation can happen when you stop “trying” to heal.
  • Cutting through old spiritual and therapeutic myths, such as the need to transcend our human experience, silence our minds, or heal our past… and rediscovering a grounded, embodied, and very human spirituality.
  • A simple, creative, and loving approach to meditation, spiritual practice, and psychological inquiry which is unique to each of us.
  • How shame, unworthiness, and feelings of hopelessness and despair can be portals to wholeness and spiritual discovery.



JEFF FOSTER is a spiritual teacher whose personal journey through suicidal shame and depression led him to the discovery of nonduality (wholeness). MATT LICATA is a depth-oriented psychotherapist who has spent the last 25 years at the intersection of meditative awareness, emotional healing, and shadow integration. For years, they have been having a dynamic ongoing conversation about radically re-envisioning spirituality and the journey of healing: as a full and courageous embrace of our vulnerable humanness. They are now inviting you to join them in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado for five days of rest, exploration, play, discovery, presence, and compassion.

Weaving together the wisdom of the meditative traditions and the emotionally-attuned and shadow-sensitive approaches of depth psychology, Matt and Jeff will share with you a simple yet radical and perhaps life-changing invitation, one of true friendship: with our thoughts and feelings, with our bodies and minds, with each other, with our joys and sorrows, with our deepest inner life.


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