Dimensions of Disclosure

August 17 - 20 | 2018

As truth seekers and awakening beings, we have broken through the veils of deception and have found that intelligence, clarity and authenticity is expanding our understandings.

The old paradigm that created a story line of oppression and lies has ended. It is through our will that we courageously seek the truth about hidden technologies, systems of control, spiritual evolution and consciousness raising.

Awareness has created an ever-expanding unity in the collective, creating a common unity. We are that collective. We are becoming one in the Consciousphere. As our collaborative brilliance folds into this powerful energy of creation, we bravely embrace the unfolding truth of Full Disclosure while celebrating the axiom of discerning wisdom, the abundance in unity and the ever-present frequency of love.

Our collective force acts as one heartbeat that will persevere with determination as we demand and embrace the many facets of Full Disclosure, while expanding our consciousness individually and, therefore, collectively. The common unity of awakening is widening. We welcome all to the Dimensions of Disclosure, a 3-day and 3-night co-creative camping conference with 20 Speakers disclosing their vast array of experiences and knowledge.

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