The Deep Rest Retreat: Slowing Down & Befriending Yourself in Difficult Times

September 4 - 9 | 2019

What if … everything you think is wrong with you, is actually right?

Spiritual Enlightenment is already here, shining through the simplicity of this moment, exactly as it is?

The divine perfection you’ve always been seeking is actually contained in the midst of your tender vulnerability and glorious human imperfections?

There is precious alchemical medicine hidden inside your pain, and your deepest longings, aches, doubts, grief and heartbreak are portals to joy and healing?

Has your life become an endless “self-improvement project”? After years of working on yourself, meditation, therapy, spiritual seeking and trying to “quiet your mind” or “lose your ego,” do you still feel far from where you wanted to be? Do you long to slow down, rest, come out of repetitive and exhausting thinking, and be deeply embraced, exactly as you are?

Come join JEFF FOSTER, a non-dual spiritual teacher who is also a survivor of suicidal depression and chronic self-loathing, and MATT LICATA, a psychotherapist who has spent nearly 25 years on the cutting-edge of meditation, emotional integration, and trauma healing, in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado for an immersive five-day dive into the depths of self-love and radical self-acceptance. With their trademark gentleness and humour, Matt and Jeff bring a powerful core teaching of Presence which lovingly dismantles shame at its very root and wakes us up to the miracle of being alive…


You will learn…

How to stop running from life and finally rest deeply.
Why “working on yourself” doesn’t always work.
How true healing can happen… when you stop “trying” to heal!
Why you don’t need to “silence your mind”, “get rid of your ego”, or “transcend your body” anymore; rediscovering a grounded, embodied and honest spirituality.
How meditation can be simlple and effortless: a fresh approach to spiritual practice.
Why “doing nothing” can sometimes be the best solution of all.
How you can discover joy and peace even in the midst of pain and discomfort.
Why shame, unworthiness and even disgust can be portals to Wholeness.

After many years of speaking with thousands of people all over the world, Matt and Jeff have realized that underneath nearly all of our suffering, spiritual seeking and exhausting self-improvement quest, is a primordial sense that we are “not good enough”, that there is “something missing” at our core.

Their radical invitation? Paradoxically, when we stop trying to fix or transcend ourselves, we can begin to discover that we were never broken, and there was never anything to “fix.” When we stop seeking “a different moment” and instead — healing the addiction of a lifetime — dive courageously into this one, we can actually find the one thing we were always longing for: INTIMACY WITH LIFE ITSELF.

“After dozens of retreats, thousands of dollars spent on self-help books, therapists and meditation classes… I finally learned how to meet my deepest pain and shame… and even find joy and humour there.” – Participant

“After a lifetime of spiritual seeking, after all the insights, experiences, revelations, I finally found the missing ingredient that gives the courage to stay here, now, without the reference to my personal drama. The tenderness that addresses the human being. Infinite, beautiful, human mystery…” – Participant

“Over 25 years of jumping from one ‘next best method’ to the next, feels like it’s finally over. These lessons are so easily applied in daily life, and I don’t have to burn special incense, ring a bell 33 times, or squeeze myself in a vice grip while chanting in a foreign tongue. Loving this!” – Participant

Each day on the retreat you will rest in Presence with author and spiritual teacher Jeff Foster, who will help you drop out of your busy mind and connect with the living moment, your body and your feelings in his own unique, playful, human way. Through heartfelt talks, restful guided mindfulness meditations, silence, personal stories and honest dialogues, he will remind you that you are perfect and whole, exactly as you are. He will help you stay present and connected with yourself, no matter what life throws at you.

You will also explore the alchemy of psychological and emotional integration with psychotherapist and author Matt Licata, Ph.D., who will guide you into the mysteries of the heart with playfulness, humour and compassion. Drawing on contemplative spirituality, the latest psychological research, and the power of the poetic imagination, you will discover the inherent wisdom buried in even your deepest pain, confusion and longing.

In the evening there will usually be a dialogue on stage between Matt and Jeff, where they will explore the ground of a loving, embodied, nondual Presence – the place where spirituality and therapy come together, the Home we never left – and how the Divine expresses itself in the chaotic, sweet, glorious, sacred mess of our ordinary lives

In the space between meetings, you are free to walk, rest and play in the holding field of the Rocky Mountains, and enjoy delicious and nourishing food prepared by expert chefs at Sunrise Ranch, using ingredients grown locally using sustainable methods, and served with love. You may spend time alone and in silence, or connect and share with your fellow retreatants… however your heart guides you. We look forward to meeting you in Colorado!


Attendance at the Deep Rest Retreat requires two separate registrations: 1) Tuition, which is handled by clicking the Register Now button, AND 2) Accommodations, which is handled through the Book Accommodations link below. Please remember that you must register at both locations in order to attend, including for accommodations, even if you plan to commute. Thank you!


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