Dance in the Spirit Retreat

August 13 - 16 | 2020

The absolute main point of being on Earth is to be of and for Spirit, and to undertake spiritual growth.
It is not a static process, or one that concludes. It continuously evolves. This retreat welcomes seekers who are from all walks and backgrounds, who are well along in spiritual development and thirsting for more. I particularly invite you if you have any codependency, grief, brokenness, or other life circumstance that being on Earth distracts you from the main point of being here: your mystical growth.

At this retreat we embrace all spiritual practices that are open to sacred dance as a cultural phenomenon. As Anthony De Mello, F. David Martin, and other mystics from ancient cultures have explained, much communication with the Higher Power, The Divine, or Higher Self comes through sacred dance. This kind of knowing and awareness is sometimes overlooked. I link this knowing and awareness and power from dance with spiritual recovery processes.


We will dance every day of the retreat, drawing sacred dance from areas of the globe such as ancient Polynesia, Africa, and Mesoamerica, and the dances will be presented in an easy-to-follow format connected to what you will come to know as your Inner Mystic Dancer.

You don’t have to know how to dance. Your dance ability can be nonexistent or range up to professional dancer—in any genre and from any culture! Along with sacred dancing, we’ll laugh, play, we will write, pray, meditate, and practice visioning with imagination. We will transform our lives deliberately and purposefully.

Massages and walks, good food and attunements are here for you too!

Your writing ability only needs to be legible by you! And your musical ability is how you express it—hand-held instruments or use of the body as a percussive or melodic aid is best in this case. In this transformative workshop, dance, music, and writing will intersect within you to move you forward toward your stated or unstated vision.

A mystic, it has been said, is someone who changes things and makes them better. The change is not always smooth or easy, but in order to get beyond mundane and repetitious stuck and stagnant, you have to be able to take risks. With more than 30 years of recovery including continuous abstinence from harmful behaviors, people, and situations, mystical dancer Dr. Carla Walter— author, speaker, sacred dancer, and mystical seeker—will engage you with tools to energize or propel your recovery process through the powerful vehicle of sacred dance.
While you are at the retreat, you can expect several experiences…

Together we will create a safe environment for creativity and expression, growth and healing, beauty and imagining.
You will be able to devote your attention to one or more of these:

  • Attracting, visioning, and arranging the life you want if you weren’t afraid
  • Spiritual resting
  • Moving through Step 11 and getting that spiritual awakening
  • Stating and setting intentions
  • Designing a written record and your personal spiritual/mystical directions

At the end of the process you will have completed…

  • Six to eight hours of dancing at your ability—there is no competitive energy to worry about, no ambitious direction either. You simply dance in service of your mystical growth.
  • A set of personalized directions for your mystical development that you can carry with you into your next phase
  • A heightened awareness that allows you to hear Your Inner Mystic Dancer to enhance your journey
  • A written as well as corporal record of your experiences and creative expansiveness
  • New or rekindled or otherwise realigned relationships with other souls on the path

At the Retreat you will receive…

  • Guidance and direction on dancing mediations that support your spiritual practice
  • Private as well as group discussion and support about topics that aren’t discussed in polite conversation
  • A way to continue your dancing meditations
  • Workbooks, books, and materials to support your practice in the future
  • A network of others who are like-minded that you may remain connected with in time and space

Your Checklist of What to Bring (or Not Bring):

  • Your most obstinate human frailty, such as being sad for no reason, being lazy or ungrateful to your detriment, your unbelief in and lack of faith of a Higher Self, your negative thoughts; your stuck spiritual growth, your highest hopes and dreams, your goals for your spirit; honesty, open-mindedness and willingness; belief and disbelief, faith and lack of faith, and a commitment to not worrying about anything or at least learning how to not worry
  • No lurking hidden questions about whether you should’ve spent the money; this is what money is for
  • Your knowledge of your body and its ability to move, sit, stand, walk, and generally function; there is no striving or proving or comparing so you need your honest commitment to leave the retreat in better shape than you came;
  • Your stated and preselected meal choices selected during registration so that you will be comfortable inside your physical body
  • The commitment to arrive by the first session and remain until the close of the retreat, and stay at the retreat location
  • The willingness to participate enthusiastically at the retreat to support bonding and knowledge-building, spiritual growth and wholeness for yourself and other participants
  • Your favorite instruments if you desire to bring them
  • Your daily reader(s) or other inspirational reading materials that you are open to reading aloud within a group
  • A calendar for the year or two into the future
  • Loose-fitting clothing that allows movement
  • Shoes that will not damage wood floors and will allow you to feel the floor (non-slip socks are OK)
  • A mat, thick plushy towel, or other such thing to lie on while stretching if you need that
  • Any supports for your body that you need such as rollers, cushions, braces, etc.

Dates: August 13-16, 2020: Arrive Thursday afternoon, depart Sunday afternoon. Three nights at Sunrise Ranch.

Register at this website: Dance in the Spirit Retreats and Workshops before August 30, 2019. Space is limited so please register early!

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Attendance at Dance in the Spirit Retreat requires two separate registrations: 1) Tuition, which is handled by clicking the Register Now button, AND 2) Accommodations, which is handled through the Book Accommodations link below.

Please remember that you must register at both locations in order to attend, including for accommodations. We encourage all participants to reserve early for the full retreat.
For information about the training and the registration process, please visit or call (417) 388-3474. Thank you!

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