Co-Creators Convergence:
Galactic Co-Creation

June 1-4 | 2017

Our theme for this year is: Galactic Co-Creation. Join authors, artists, seekers, musicians, healers and co-creative BEings gathering to awaken, learn, play and transform.

We are co-creators supporting co-creators. All are welcome! The Co-Creators Convergence is an inspiring gathering of heart-centered people from all over the planet who are focused on creating a new world of love and compassion.

You’re Invited!

Co-Creators Convergence 2017: “Galactic Co-Creation”

at Sunrise Ranch Spiritual Center near beautiful Loveland, Colorado

Register Now by Clicking Here.

Be a part of the Co-Creators Convergence (CCC) as an intergalactic explorer committed to bringing the wisdom and love of the cosmos back to Earth to create a world of cooperation, joy, peace and abundance for all.

As our beloved Barbara Marx Hubbard reminds us: You are the Universe in person. In our 5th year together, we will gather to connect the Universe “inside us” with the Uni/Multi-verse “outside us.” Our intention is to deeply explore and connect with the non-physical, galactic, expansive knowing of ourselves as Star Beings that contributes to the holy and whole of creation.

  • Campfire and star gazing
  • Astrological explorations
  • Past-life group regression
  • Akashic record downloads
  • Circle meditation & resonance
  • Sacred sound and light journeys
  • Cutting edge energy technology
  • “Galactic” gathering in the Dome

These are just some of the features that will expand your understanding of who you are and how you got “here.”

Help us celebrate our 5-year anniversary!

When you register before April 1st, save $45 on the $200 registration fee. NOTE: if you call Sunrise Ranch instead of registering online, you do not have to pay the full amount in advance. (877-768-0078)

Register Now by Clicking Here.

Galactic Co-Creation starts the moment you register!

BE one of our 44 galactic explorers! As you register, you will be placed in a group according to time of registration. The first 11 will be on one “ship,” the next 11 on the second “ship,” etc. Once your “galactic ship” is full, one of CCC’s “Cosmic Weavers” (planners) will schedule several video conference calls to answer your questions and prepare you for the event. Even more importantly, you will get to know the others on the call who will be part of your galactic team for the entire event.

In addition to having more calls when you register early, you will be entered into drawings for special bonus packages offered by each of the Cosmic Weavers. These packages are typically their online courses that are valued anywhere between $100 and $400. The first 11 registrants will be eligible for all of the drawings, the second 11 for three of them, and so forth.

There are so many reasons to attend the CCC this year. It will be a spectacular event that will transform your life as we shift the energy of the cosmos. Participation is limited to 44 people in order to maintain the integrity and intimacy of our circle. Nano Nano!

Registration officially opened on 1-11 at 11:11 pm.

P.S. Although the official dates are June 1–4, we have rooms reserved for the nights of the May 31 and June 5. Come early and stay late! We look forward to seeing you at our 5th anniversary Co-Creators Convergence as we . . . GO GALACTIC!

Your Cosmic Weavers:

Darlis Mayes, Jennifer Evanko, Kathy Mason, Noel Marshall, Ted Murray

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