Activation of Silence

August 10 - 12 | 2018

Come to Sunrise Ranch August 10-12, 2018 to learn and deepen in The Form parts one, two, and three, and participate in a remote live session with the founder, B Prior.
In the movement of The Form, you will:

  • Discover the activation of stillness that is the origin of movement
  • Find deeper expression from and as the activation of silence at the core of the heart
  • Realize yourself as the core of Being that eternally creates ever-new reality

Note that all body types, physical limitations of any kind are welcome, the movement of The Form is gentle and adaptable.

Retreat Schedule: Retreat begins with Lunch on Friday and Ends with Lunch on Sunday.

Course Fee: $300 + meals/lodging

Licensed Massage provided by A Mindful Massage at 15 percent discount, $25/half-hour, purchase alongside course registration in however many increments you’d like.

Carolyn Gruchy is a teacher of The Form Reality Practice. She is also an Attunement practitioner and coach who assists others to discover and express their authentic being.


Oren Yakovee is a teacher of The Form Reality Practice who brings deep heart space. Tara Crown-Yakovee will be supporting the event with her magical talent as our licensed massage therapist. Tara and Oren were recently invited to perform together for the International Hour for Peace on New Year’s Eve, hear live recordings of their HeartMusic for Soulful Gatherings.


Intro Video: Awaken All The Way Home

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