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During this global pandemic, Sunrise Ranch is working hard to keep our community and future visitors safe by practicing physical distancing, working from home whenever possible, delivering meals and groceries to residents, postponing classes and events, holding all meetings and services on Zoom, caring for our elders and helping each other with errands in town.

Sunrise Ranch includes those of us who live here and form the core of this community.

Sunrise Ranch residents gather four days a week for morning prayers. Soma and Chris are playing drums for this October 6, 2020, prayer circle on the Orchard lawn.

We are an intentional spiritual community, passionately committed to our conscious evolution. We are also committed to each other and what we are bringing to the world together. Most of all, we are devoted to the spirit of Universal Love that brought us together and inspires us every day.

Sunrise Ranch was founded in 1945, and we are one of the oldest intentional communities in America. We welcome anyone who visits here and anyone who connects with us in virtual space—on our website, on Facebook, or on our mailing list. To us, you are all part of our community. We see ourselves as part of the broader community of awakening human beings all around the world.

Leaves are turning a beautiful gold in this photo looking across the bridge near the Sanctuary on October 9.

We find we are entering a new paradigm for how people relate to each other. In a world where neighbors in housing developments and apartment buildings often never meet, we are finding new ways to connect with people of all ages and from many diverse backgrounds. We know that when people come to Sunrise Ranch, they feel the surround of love substance in this valley. This spiritual atmosphere has formed out of all the loving service from people down through the decades and from the communion with nature and the land itself. As the Sunrise Ranch community of today, we feel responsible for this atmosphere and for our contribution to it. It is the atmosphere of true home.

Our everyday spiritual practice includes a deep commitment to personal transformation, so that we become a living expression of Universal Love. That means that we commit ourselves to an unconditional expression of that Love. That’s where the rubber meets the road. We transform as we express Universal Love in the face of whatever happens and whatever may arise in our own thoughts and emotions. We meet regularly as a community (these days by Zoom) to share our vision and insight and to support each other in our transformational process. And we find a deeper attunement with the source of life and inspiration within us. We welcome anyone to join us for our regular Sunday service, by live-streaming video.

Dustin and Chris work in the garden harvesting our wonderful veggies on October 9 during a Friday morning Garden Party.

Diana and Jane harvest veggies in the Greenhouse during the Garden Party.


David Karchere is the Spiritual Director for Sunrise Ranch. He works closely with Dr. Jane Anetrini, a minister at the Ranch, and with the Trustees of Emissaries of Divine Light. Children and seniors play a vital role in the life of Sunrise Ranch. We are also joined by non-residential staff who assist us with some of the essential functions of the Ranch. Interns also assist with the work of the Ranch and are an integral part of our community.

Chef Barrett shows off a plate of coconut macaroons on October 13 in the Kitchen.


There are members of our community who have lived at Sunrise Ranch for more than 50 years, and there is usually at least one person living here who has arrived within the past month. Typically, people who join the core staff at Sunrise Ranch come first as a visitor or as a participant in our Full Self Emergence Program. (The program has been suspended for 2020, but we hope to have it in full swing again next year.)

Smoke from the Cameron Peak Fire billows across the sky above the Ranch on October 14, blotting out the sun and beginning a two-week chapter of great concern for Sunrise Ranch residents and their friends.

The sky is a yellow-brown-gray, and the air becomes smoky in the valley, making life generally unpleasant as Sunrise residents keep an eye on official reports from the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office.


Residential Opportunities

Community living is not for everyone, but it delivers a dimension of connection that most people inherently desire. Imagine knowing people in your life on a more intimate level through sharing an intention and living it through your work and home life. People come to Sunrise Ranch to learn principles of universal truth and personal responsibility for the life they have created, to transform their daily living, meaningful work and interpersonal relationships, and to renew their sense of joy and connection with others. They become a loving presence of influence in their world.

Clouds of smoke fill the sky around Sunrise Ranch on October 16, as residents get ready to evacuate the valley.

Just before evacuating, a resident grabbed this photo showing our Greenhouses below a fiery glow from the Cameron Peak Fire, which would become the largest fire in Colorado history.


Skilled Openings

Being a full-time community as well as resort and conference center, we also offer skilled openings—job positions that require specific or specialized skills. We are seeking talented people to join our spiritual community as full-time residents and members of our staff. As a resident, you can participate in the spiritual life of the community and help us continue to strengthen Sunrise Ranch as a teaching and demonstration site for thriving community. Pay is negotiable. Please visit the Job Opportunities Page for current position listings.
To learn more about living and working at Sunrise Ranch, contact the Registrar office at recruiting@sunriseranch.org or feel free to call us at 970-679-4251.

Flames and an orange glow are easily seen from Lake Loveland, about 20 minutes east of Eden Valley, on the night of October 16. Most of the Sunrise residents had evacuated the valley by this time.

Just before leaving the Ranch on Saturday morning, October 17, one of the residents captured this scene from the parking lot across from Rimrock Pasture. Rimrock Ridge is obscured by the smoke in the valley.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
— Margaret Mead


Elk are seen at the Rimrock Fire Pit area across the road from Sunrise Ranch campus on October 25. This photo was captured from a camera posted at the fire pit while the valley was still under mandatory evacuation. A snowstorm had moved in overnight and helped to quell the fire danger. Residents were able to move back to the Ranch a couple of days later, although it remains in a voluntary evacuation zone as of October 29. Here’s a video of the elk

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