Hey, East Coast: Join us in NY for Becoming a Sun Workshop – June 28-30

Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Always wanted to come to a “Becoming a Sun” workshop but didn’t want to travel across the country to do it? You’re in luck! David Karchere and Keahi Ewa will be hosting a “Becoming a Sun” workshop in Rhinebeck, New York, at Omega, June 28-30.

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What you’ll discover at the “Becoming a Sun” workshop

At the “Becoming a Sun” workshop, you’ll learn to access the passion, genius and radiance inside you so you can become what the world needs you to be—a sun.

In this workshop you will learn to tap into your inner warmth and light by releasing the energetic blocks that keep it from shining through. David and Keahi will be exploring the gateways to personal fulfillment through engaging lectures, meaningful interactive exercises, and more.

Participants will learn practical emotional intelligence and how to manifest vitality and compassion to lead lives that fulfill their destinies.

Find out more about Becoming a Sun in David Karchere’s #1 bestselling book Becoming a Sun. Get your copy here on Amazon – $8.95 for Kindle and $15.95 for paperback. Becoming a Sun is an affirmation of the unlimited potential of humanity, connecting the reader to his or her divine essence – and it’s a perfect primer for the workshop at Omega.


About Omega

Omega is a global community that aims to awaken the best of the human spirit and cultivate the extraordinary potential in every person. For more than 40 years, Omega has helped people and organizations create personal growth and social change—moving from “the way it is” to “the way it can be.”

A non-profit educational organization, Omega is a premier travel destination in New York’s Hudson Valley. More than 1 million people have visited Omega to grow, learn, and find a greater sense of purpose. And more than 2 million people participate in Omega’s online offerings.


Staying at Omega

Just 90 miles north of New York City, Omega’s Rhinebeck campus offers all-inclusive stays that include:

  • Private or shared rooms or camping
  • Three delicious meals a day, prepared by Omega’s chef, of mostly organic, sustainable, nutrient-dense, artisanal dishes.
  • Access to the campus’ trails, gardens, labyrinth, library and more!


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