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Healers’ Jamboree ~ Sharing Circle

Update! Healers Jam is taking a break to regroup and refocus… all future events are cancelled at the moment.  Please check back periodically for further updates.

Are You a Holistic Provider or Do You Have a Desire to Learn More About the Healing Arts?

This night is for you! Bring your loving presence, your lightness of heart and your healing modality to share. If you are new to the healing community and feeling your spirit being called in this direction, we invite you to come learn more and enjoy the experience of our circle of sharing during the monthly Healers’ Jam!

Here we can create a supportive community by assisting one another:

  • By taking care of ourselves and being better able to take care of our clients
  • Educating those interested in the healing arts who may not be practitioners, and helping them to connect with practitioners and upcoming workshops
  • Creating a network for cross-referring clients
  • Creating new friendships
  • Having FUN!

We have had many different types of practitioners join us since we began hosting the Healers’ Jams in January 2012, including attunement, body massage, sound therapy, Access Consciousness™/Access Bars, Life Divine, chiropractic, Reiki, scalp massage, shakuhachi flute meditation, Egyptian healing rods, holistic nutrition, dancing and body movement (this was a lot of fun!), life coach, spiritual brain integration/negative program release, dowsing, energy healer, clairvoyant, empowering children, nurses, caretakers, yoga, biofeedback and reflexology.

We plan to have some fun stations set up for the next couple of months and we welcome your ideas…here are a few that are in the works—creativity station for inspiring the artist within, 20-minute presentation sessions, dancing, holistic nutrition, cooking for well-being.

Bring your business cards and upcoming workshop flyers, as this is a great opportunity to network!

This is a free event…to share your experience and talent and a favorite dish for the potluck.

What do we do at a Healers’ Jam?

We begin with a round of introductions and share our intentions and offerings for our time together, followed by a guided meditation. We then meet in the dining room to enjoy a potluck meal, which provides a great opportunity to network with those you were inspired to connect with…and complete our time together in the Green Ridge room for two hours of amazing energy exchange!

With much love and gratitude to each of you…for being you. This is the single greatest gift you can offer.

Lets lift the veils of the beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions that limit the possibilities that we are creating—individually as well as collectively. I’ll meet you here.

Ongoing Event—check calendar on sidebar for dates

There is no cost, but we ask that you register, so that we have an idea of how many of you will be attending.

Namaste Dear Friends

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12 Responses to “Healers’ Jamboree ~ Sharing Circle”

  1. DeAnnaKay Says:

    Good morning,
    I am planning to attend, however will need to leave around 6:30pm. Does this reply work for a registration, or is there something else to be done to register?


  2. Chenoa Byers Says:

    I have just had hand surgery and can not do my modality now but would like to join you at some unknown time in the future. Thank You, Love, Chenoa

  3. Loretta Scott Says:

    I love it that you are rebuilding the healer community Network at SunRise Ranch. . I am planning to attend, however will need to leave around 6:30pm. Does this reply work for a registration, or is there something else to be done to register?
    FYI, I do not drive in the snow or at night. Love and blessings, Loretta

  4. Mary Kay Koldeway Says:

    Dear Jacqueline: I would love to attend. I love having many types of healing available. I do “Embodyment” hands on for spinal tension release, especially starting at the tailbone.
    Mary Kay Koldeway

  5. Daryl Nielsen Says:

    cool beans – you go, Jacqueline

  6. Jacqueline Says:

    We are excited for this Sunday’s Jam and hope you are all able to attend on April 22. This has been such an awesome resource of beautiful beings and I have loved having the opportunity to get to meet you all! See you Sunday! Wishing you all an amazing and blessed day!!!

  7. Denye Says:

    Looking forward to the next Healers’s Jam at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, CO on July 22. 4pm until 7pm. All modalitites are welcome and those giving and receiving healing energy. We will have a pot luck , so please bring a favorite snack to share with the group.

    All who are interested in the healing arts are welcome to attend.

  8. Laura Rose Says:

    Looking forward to the jam! I plan on sharing Breema Bodywork with everyone… and I might also bring my amethyst bio-mat! Looking forward to connecting! Also, if anyone would like to carpool with me, drop me a line! peace

  9. Bette Davies Says:

    I have been wanting to check out Sunrise for awhile. I do reflexology and energy work and will see you Sunday.

  10. Susan Vogel Says:

    I am a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner. I am having surgery this month and will be looking for upcoming Healers’ Jamboree Sharing Circle opportunities. This sounds like a wonderful way to share and expand our gifts of healing.

  11. Meadows Says:

    I am attending with 2 others! Do we need to bring food?

  12. J.Michael Dawson, DC Says:

    Dr George Shears , G.P.C. with Galen Price , B.J.Palmer , and a few more ~~ My work since meeting George ? Success always resolving to Health peoples conditions diagnosed as cancer , hepatitis , MRSA , etc … Major experience Innate Attunment with Dr George in 1975 ! Thus : I call back now to You All at Sunrise Ranch !
    ~~ In Health, J.Michaael

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