Sustainable Practices

The sustainability practices and programs at Sunrise Ranch are founded on this simple idea – sustainable technology and agriculture are a result of sustainable human culture. And for there to be sustainable human culture, there has to be a shift in consciousness – a shift in how we understand and experience ourselves and other people, and a shift in how we relate to the web of life around us. There has to be respect and understanding of the natural world that guides us if we are going to create sustainable technologies and agriculture. And there has to be a deep sense of the sacredness of all life.

Since its founding in 1945, Sunrise Ranch has been exploring these premises. The hay fields have flourished with the utilization of natural and organic farming methods. Today, we practice holistic management, a leading-edge agricultural practice. For us, that includes raising grassfed beef, which we sell to customers in the front range of northern Colorado and serve in our dining room.

Sunrise Ranch is a beautiful natural area where wildlife flourishes. Bald eagles and blue herons, elk and wild turkey all visit our valley. The soil is alive with earth worms and healthy bacteria. Fox, coyote and deer have a home here.

There are many ways that people contribute to the sustainability practices and programs at Sunrise Ranch. They take a farm tour–a fun, family-friendly way to introduce young and old alike to our farm. They receive training and first-hand experience in one of the oldest permaculture gardens in the United States. They get their hands dirty as a farm intern. And for many people, they enjoy the fruits and vegetables, and the grassfed beef that is raised here.
Colorado children farm tour

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