Spiritual Life

Within all people there is a deep desire to be in creative relationship with others and with all of life. There is a desire to evolve as an individual, and to contribute to the evolution in consciousness that is occurring for all of humanity. And there is a profound inner urge to experience a reality that transcends the usual, everyday life.

Sunrise Ranch is a place where people welcome these experiences for themselves and others. It is a spiritual community made up of anyone who is resonant with the purpose of this place – to provide a physical and virtual home for the spiritual urge that is present in all people. Whether you visit for a day, a week, or years, we welcome you to be part of this spiritual community.

You can participate in the spiritual life of Sunrise Ranch in so many ways – by attending a program, sharing chant in the Little Chapel, attending a service in the Dome auditorium… or just by visiting our web site.  Sunrise Ranch offers a Full Self Emergence Residential work-study program for people who want to immerse themselves in the life of the Ranch, and a visitor program for people who wish to stay for shorter periods of time.

If you believe that the Divine lives in all people, and that everyone’s spiritual journey deserves to be honored, you will find yourself with like-minded people at Sunrise Ranch. This is a place where people build relationships with others who are on a similar spiritual path, and build a network of friends who are bringing new spirituality to the world. It is a place where people let the spirit of universal love flow easily between them, because the most important work on the planet is done together.

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