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Personal Growth

The programs for personal growth at Sunrise Ranch offer a great opportunity for people who are working with self exploration and development to enrich their lives. You may be in the midst of a new spiritual awakening or feel stuck in a certain area of your life. Perhaps you are pursuing a special area of learning or want to take a workshop to understand more about your relationships with other people. Whatever is next for you, there are amazing programs at Sunrise Ranch and insightful workshop facilitators to assist you on your journey.

We believe that there are times in life when a special environment, outside a person’s everyday life, is important for an individual’s growth to flourish. Some components that make up that special environment include a peaceful atmosphere, the serenity of nature, the feeling that it is safe to express yourself and that the people around you care for your wellbeing. Most importantly there is joy in sharing the wisdom of others who are walking a similar path.

Sunrise Ranch was created to bring these components together. Situated in a magnificent natural setting in the foothills of the Front Range of northern Colorado, it lies at the edge of the Great Plains to the east and the Rocky Mountains to the west. This peaceful place has been stewarded with natural and organic farming methods since 1945.

The core staff at Sunrise Ranch care deeply about the guests who attend the programs that are offered and this shows in lovingly prepared and served food, comfortable lodging, and helpful assistance with any problems that arise.

Personal Growth Workshops at Sunrise Ranch

Gifted workshop leaders from all over the world come to Sunrise Ranch to offer their visionary understanding and depth of experience. These teachers include Joan Borysenko, a pioneer of integrative medicine; Jim Warner, who leads individuals and couples through core-level life transformations; Andrea Isaacs, who created Enneamotion, a program that teaches emotional intelligence; and Jun Po Roshi, leader of Mondo Zen, a modern adaptation of a traditional Japanese Zen practice. There are also programs and internships created by the outstanding teachers of Sunrise Ranch which provide wonderful opportunities for self exploration.

Personal Growth Testimonials

“Sunrise Ranch and the Emissaries have been a profound part of my spiritual growth for many years. This is one of the special places I like to come when I need to rest, relax, and revitalize my soul”

–James Twyman, world renowned author and peace troubadour

Neale Donald Walsh completed the writing of his third “Conversations with God” book at Sunrise Ranch and recommended us as a resource for those on a spiritual path.

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