Born to Be Wild

by Jerry Kvasnicka

juampa-1086831_960_720I remember dancing to the song “Born to Be Wild” by Steppenwolf back in the late 60’s. As I danced with abandon something deep within me seemed to compel the realization that wildness is basic to my nature. I now feel this is true for all of us. There is an aspect of our divine nature that is wild, a complement to the vastness and intricacy of the divine imagination. As a captivating slice of wilderness demonstrates, nature certainly is elementally wild, and we, being intricately linked to nature, partake of this intrinsic wildness. Our being is not fulfilled until this wildness is allowed expression.

But wildness that is totally out of control can become chaotic and destructive. There are multitudinous evidences of this in the world in which we live. In fact, given the realities of terrorism (for example, the Friday the 13th massacre in Paris by Isis) the threat of nuclear war, environmental degradation and a host of other seemingly insoluble problems afflicting (and caused by) humanity, a good case can be made that the whole world has gone destructively wild.

Destructive vs creative wildness

Yet there is a wild side of our nature that craves expression and will not be denied. Consistent suppression of this impulse could result in psychological imbalance or even psychosis. So the challenge is to express it in a positive, creative and life-enhancing way, something that I find can only happen when a person is in right identity. When personal identity springs from ego, the “small self” or involvement in the human drama, wildness is bound to be destructive. But when it issues from truth of oneself (i.e. the cohesive power of love at the stable core of Being) beautiful and wondrous things can emerge, all in an easy, natural and safe way.

In the late 1960’s a wild streak ran through the body of humanity creating “flower children” and the hippie subculture along with revolutionary developments in music and other forms of art. I found myself swept up in this turbulent tide, and since I had little idea of who I was and my purpose in life, my inherent wildness expressed itself in unconstrained, rebellious and even violent ways.

“New Left” and “Acid Left”

In 1968 it was the “New Left” that consumed my attention. I became a charter member of the Colorado College chapter of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and led marches against the war in Vietnam. I remember demonstrating in front of a line of soldiers at Fort Carson as helicopters hummed overhead. I defamed an army uniform by festooning it with flowers and wearing it to a war protest in front of the local Selective Service office, and by the way, being hit in the stomach by two Vietnam veterans. I remember a party at my house where I served wine and talked to a guest who was on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List for blowing up electrical towers.

In 1969 it was the “Acid Left” that took center stage in my life. In other words, I became a hippie. I ran a young adult crisis center for the Colorado Springs Council of Churches. In actual fact it was a hippie crash pad where psychedelic drug use, all-night parties and group sex were rampant. The city’s number one drug distributor lived in the basement and paid his rent with any drug I wanted (LSD, mescaline, marijuana, etc.) on any given night. On my last LSD trip I had to be restrained from jumping off a balcony after going to see the movie “Midnight Cowboy.”

Yes in those years it could be said that I was wild, but it was obviously not a healthy and life-enhancing kind of wildness. Thinking of the chances I took back then it is something of a miracle that I was not arrested and forced to serve time. But I suppose it was necessary to move through that destructively wild period before I could begin to discover the truth of who I am and what I came on earth to do. And coincidentally to discover how the wildness within me could be expressed in a creative and constructive way.

A wild theatrical production

Not long after I moved to Sunrise Ranch and began to seriously connect with the truth of who I am, I simultaneously began to discover ways of releasing my inherently wild spirit in positive and uplifting ways. One project in particular stands out in this regard. It was a ninety minute play that eight of us performed at Sunrise, the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley and at the Colorado Springs center of the University of Colorado.

The play was called “Wizards of the Zodiac,” and featured two astrologers (Zeke Zodiac and Walter Wizard III) presenting a natal horoscope to a client. The first part of the play we focused on all the negative aspects of the chart—the squares and oppositions, the afflictions, the challenges. And when the client was thoroughly devastated by all of this we lifted him up by revealing all positive aspects of the chart—the trines and sextiles, the fortuitous conjunctions and most of all the beauty, wonder and glory of “the thirteenth sign,” i.e. the sign of true being that transcends the twelve signs of the zodiac.

We had no script for the play; our words and actions came spontaneously in the moment. The two astrologers dressed in costumes sat behind a large table that was spread with assorted psychedelic paraphernalia and occult accessories, including several candles, incense, a human skull, a steaming cauldron filled with dry ice and two flasks filled with a wine Zeke had made called “marigold madness,” about 80-proof! We also had a lighting and sound technician bringing special effects and four “dancing girls” who danced and sang at various times during the play to music we had written.

Loosing the divine imagination

I’m quite sure this was the wildest mid-week service ever given at Sunrise Ranch. But despite its outlandish façade, it was not some explosive and potentially destructive outburst from an unconstrained heart. There was Mystical method to the madness and Providential purpose to the preposterous display. We mined the divine imagination and gave it refreshing and radiant release.

The very core and essence of our being is love. In fact love powers everything in the universe. It is an overwhelming and irresistible force that can manifest as integration or disintegration, creation or destruction, depending on one thing: control. Love is analogous to fire. When under control, such as a furnace, fire provides useful heat. When out of control, such as a forest fire, it can be devastating to trees and people.

For the wild energy of love to be creatively and constructively released by human beings there must be the control of truth. But unfortunately the world today is a sad spectacle of love gone destructively wild. A tremendous volume of love is being released but where is the control of truth? Terrorists, for example, are willing to give their lives for what they love, but look at the destruction they bring.

Tempering love with truth

What is the truth? Put very simply the truth is oneness, oneness with each other and, more importantly, oneness with the divine, with the Creator, with Universal Being. It honors the sacredness of all life and the creative process that ultimately governs all life. Once a person connects with this process through the consistent expression in living of the highest and finest qualities of character he/she begins to know the truth. And once this base of truth is established love can express at will in wild and wondrous ways.

My personal template for how this happens is a song I used to listen to over and over again as I transitioned from unconstrained and chaotic wildness to purposeful and divinely-inspired wildness. “Down By the River” by Neil Young features a slow, steady beat of percussion and base guitar throughout. But on top of this beat an electric guitar goes literally wild with a captivating cascade of sounds that used to take my breath away. Improvise, rhapsodize, harmonize, even introduce dissonance, all made possible by the foundational beat and rhythm, which to me symbolizes the truth.

Some words of a poem by Hermann Hesse seem to capture something of this:

One shaft of light breaks through the jagged clouds
That brilliant shaft dissevers teeming generation
Into both deed and war, and in a frenzy of creation
Ignites a gleaming terrified new world.
All changes where the seeds of light descend,
Order arises, magnificence is heard
In praise of life, of victory to light’s great end.
Now joy and pain, words, art, and song,
World towering on world in arching victory throng,
With impulse, mind, contention, pleasure, love.

That brilliant shaft emanates from the divinely wild impulse of love, and in absolute fidelity to the design and control of truth, births unimaginable wonders and magic. For this cause we came into the earth. “And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” Free to be the wild beings we inherently are.

Jerry K. - 2013Jerry Kvasnicka, a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, has had a varied career as a youth minister, a radio news reporter, a writer and editor for several magazines and journals and a custodian with the Loveland, Colorado school district. Jerry currently edits and writes for the mind-spirit section of the online magazine The Mindful Word. He has lived at the Sunrise Ranch spiritual community west of Loveland for twenty-seven years. He can be reached at jerry@themindfulword.org.

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The Grandfatherly Presence

By Dorian Black

Old TreeSo, strictly speaking, I am not a grandfather. But with numerous nephews and nieces and their children and grands and greats, plus dearly beloved friends of all ages, it does appear I am called to such a role.

Of course, no one wants to be preached at. Or to be told we did it better way back when! Certainly I never accepted such imposition. What I do recall enjoying in the presence of my elders was simply to sit with them and savor their conversation or their silence. Here, to my youthful mind, was a beautiful being, clothed in perhaps decrepit flesh, who had lived bravely. Courage poured out of them, strengthening the sinews of my heart.

Now, in my 80th year, can I be that bringer of courage to others? Not if what I have to offer lies only in the past. The old ones I remember with joy flooding my heart even now were those who had no time to stop living.

Like my Aunt Esther, a woman of elegant beauty in the early photographs, whom I knew in her 70s, living alone in a one-room shack her dead husband had constructed of plywood and insulated with old newspapers to keep out the Manitoba wind. Once a week in summer she would walk ten miles to the nearest streetcar and ride into Winnipeg for her pernicious-anemia liver shot at the hospital. She would then visit her older sisters and catch the last streetcar out of town for the ten-mile moonlit walk home. In my early teens I enjoyed riding my bike out along the Red River, always ending with a quiet visit in Aunt Esther’s garden.

Well, times are different now. But I can assure myself that a grandfatherly presence is never out of date.

DorianDorian Black has been a member of the Sunrise Ranch community for forty six years, offering spiritual leadership in many areas.

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Bring It On! Confrontation as an Essential Spiritual Practice

by Jerry Kvasnicka

imagesBeing normally a rather easy-going and reserved person it’s hard for me now to imagine how, as part of my youthful rebellion against the institutional church, I stood up in the midst of a worship service in front of several hundred people and shouted down the minister just after he had concluded his sermon. The anger this occasioned throughout the congregation was perhaps most poignantly focused by the man sitting next to me, who threatened to kill me if I ever stepped into the church again.

I suppose something was accomplished by my defiant act; several young people gathered around me as the congregation filed out, indicating they felt the same way and praising me for my courage. But basically my confrontation with the church establishment just fueled anger and aggression that could have degenerated into outright conflict, especially if weapons had been present.

In other words, this was destructive confrontation and is certainly not the kind of confrontation I would endorse in writing this article. When coming from ego and from unwholesome involvement in the human drama confrontation is inevitably destructive. Our world full of disagreement, conflict and chaos is ample testimony to this. As are the current political campaign debates for President, laced as they usually are with name calling and assorted personal attacks.

Creative confrontation vital to spiritual work

Contrast this with what I call creative confrontation which to me is an essential part of spiritual practice. There is one basic requirement for this kind of confrontation: acting from one’s highest vision of the truth of love or, it might be put, from inner stillness, holiness, wholeness and grace. When coming from this true point of centering, i.e. our divine nature, we can move boldly forward to confront any and every circumstance no matter how negative or threatening it may be.

In fact this is the very essence of our spiritual work. We came on earth to confront problems and issues of all kinds because, coming from the truth of ourselves, we have the capability to embrace these things in an ascending process. They are grist for our creative mill. Without anything to face on earth, how could we do any actual spiritual work?

We do this work primarily by engaging with the patterns in our own consciousness that are triggered by our sense perceptions of external circumstances. For example, listening to or watching a newscast puts a lot of material into my consciousness, and if there is a willingness to confront these patterns with the truth of love at my core, they may be transformed and transmuted, lifted into the creative process, all of this drawing resonant substance in the mass consciousness of humanity to the truth of love that I represent.

Creative confrontation via “subtle activism”

This is the essence of “subtle activism,” a practice that is becoming increasingly popular in leading-edge spiritual circles. Its chief proponent, Dr. David Thomas Nicol, describes it this way: “Subtle activism is both a new discipline and a growing movement that brings together spiritual practices with emerging insights into how we can begin to shift our world in a positive direction through the power of our individual and collective consciousness. It both opens intriguing new horizons of transformational practice, and serves as a way to integrate inner development with outer engagement—bonding communities together in a mission of healing and positive change.”

I think this world service or what I call world radiation gains greatest potency when we courageously confront the challenges that are most personal to us. For example, those who are
astrologically inclined may have some sense of what a “grand cross” is. It involves four planets that are in 90 degree relationship and is sometimes referred to as a “cross of crucifixion,” bringing life-long challenges. I have such a configuration in my natal horoscope as well as an exact conjunction of Saturn and Uranus. The latter is said to cause nervous tension alternating with depression throughout life with possible breakdown in extreme circumstances.

This is exactly what I have experienced in life, sometimes with so much intensity that it’s been difficult even to remain on the planet. A few years ago a psychotherapist handed me this diagnosis: “general anxiety disorder, panic anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and depression.” What a handful to deal with! But I’ve found that in spiritual orientation it is possible to creatively confront these tendencies and to even give thanks for them, for they open up tremendous avenues of blessing and service.

Creatively confronting fear

Fear is of course the primary and most powerful emotion that I experience. Great! With the human race virtually convulsing with fear these days as terror and violence increase on earth, here is a wonderful point of connection I have with human consciousness. If I am able to creatively confront my own fear, this puts a message into the mass consciousness of humanity that creative confrontation with fear is not only possible but generative.

How can one creatively engage with fear? Not by trying to ignore it. Not by trying to suppress it or escape from it with drugs, alcohol, etc. Not by trying to fight it in any way, for fighting only gives more energy to what is opposed. I’ve found that the only way to creatively confront fear is to welcome it as a friend, to warmly invite it in. I know it has been said, “Perfect love casts out fear.” But fear can only be cast out if it is first welcomed in and loved.

Uplifting dense dysfunctional energies

This kind of personal confrontation with fear, anger, shame and a host of other negative patterns in consciousness is the very work spiritually awake people are here to do on earth. I like the way this work is described in a piece called Sustaining the Galactic Blueprint by Peggy Black and the “team”: “In this reality of polarities and free will, the manner in which a transformation can take place requires a star being to fully embody and experience the very dense dysfunctional energies as their own. Once these experiences have been felt, endured, observed and anchored in your personal electromagnetic mental and emotional field, they are yours to transform and uplift. Remember you are an alchemist, here to transform and uplift dense dysfunctional energies.”

As star beings and divine alchemists we are ready, indeed eager, to confront everything that comes to us. By the way, when two or more people are coming from this place of underlying agreement, issues that might otherwise divide them and lead to serious disagreement can be creatively confronted. Even the strongest differences on policies and ways of doing things can be resolved without conflict. Oh that something of this might be known in politics and government!

So bring it on! However dense and difficult, however painful and perplexing the things that put in an appearance in the course of our lives on earth we are here for creative confrontation. “For this cause came I into the world.” Only as there are those who consistently engage in this work of transmutation is there any possibility for regenerating human consciousness and realigning our precious earth with the cosmic whole.

Jerry K. - 2013 Jerry Kvasnicka, a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, has had a varied career as a youth minister, a radio news reporter, a writer and editor for several magazines and journals and a custodian with the Loveland, Colorado school district. Jerry currently edits and writes for the mind-spirit section of the online magazine The Mindful Word. He has lived at the Sunrise Ranch spiritual community west of Loveland for twenty-six years. He can be reached at jerry@themindfulword.org

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Spiritual Politics: Oxymoron or Real Possibility?

by Jerry Kvasnicka

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnce again in the United States we are in the midst of election for President and members of Congress. Backed by large campaign treasure chests and ample staffs of supporters, aspirants for office are again engaged in fierce competition for votes and in the process making lavish promises to recharge the economy, enhance our status in the world and otherwise produce a peaceful and prosperous state for everyone.

Despite the antics of Donald Trump, somehow this time around it all seems so boring. Do we really need to go through this same exercise again? For those of us who are surfing excitedly on the new spiritual tide emerging on earth, the old political games seem so anachronistic and irrelevant, so contrary to the redefinition of humanity that is increasingly coin-of-the-realm in spiritual circles.

Clergy malpractice insurance!

The new understanding that our nature is basically spiritual and divine came home to me as I recently contemplated an article on clergy malpractice insurance. Yes, you read correctly, clergy malpractice insurance! The market for policies to protect ministers who counsel parishioners is apparently growing.

A case before the California Supreme Court brought the issue to the fore several years ago. Twenty-four year old Kenneth Nally, a former UCLA student, struggled for years with bouts of depression until he discovered Grace Community Church of the Valley, an evangelical Bible church that considers sin the root of all human problems.

Nally joined, attended all services and even began studying to be a minister. But the depression flared up again, despite frequent counseling by Grace’s pastors, and Nally finally took his own life. His parents later filed a million dollar suit against the church, accusing the counselors of negligence for telling their son that his problem was sin instead of referring him to a psychiatrist.

Our nature is fundamentally flawed?

However, psychiatry doesn’t have the answer either, even if it may have deferred the suicide by convincing Nally that his depression was the legacy of childhood trauma or guilt. Though they may not use the nomenclature of sin, grace, etc., traditional psychiatry and all forms of counseling by the respected advice-givers of our society operate from the same basic premise: our nature is inherently evil, inadequate, flawed, violent, maladaptive, dysfunctional…pick your term according to the level of your sophistication.

In short, there is something fundamentally wrong with human beings and life is at best a three-score-and-seven year struggle to overcome this state of limitation, only to go down in the end. “Civilization” is the sum of these individual struggles and is essentially the laborious and futile attempt on the collective level to cope with and somehow keep in check the “evil lurking in the heart of man.”

Ken Nally was sold a “bill of goods.” He was deceived. The church is in fact guilty of negligence. But then so is the home, the school, the government…every human institution has done exactly the same thing. We all deserve to be sued, for not only have we bought the same goods, we have enthusiastically participated in marketing them to others, making it possible for the myth of inadequacy and inherent evil to permeate every nook and cranny of human emotion, thought, behavior and culture. Here is the core of the conditioning that has kept the human race in bondage for thousands of years.

The politics of manipulation and coercion

And this the field on which the game of politics has been played. In consequence it has degenerated into the art and science of how societies can best control the rapacious and destructive tendencies of their members. Successful dictators are able to dominate and subdue the evil nature by overpowering it with more of their own. Successful elected leaders are able, at least in the short term, to find solutions to the problems created by the evil nature and to thereby maintain the fiction that human beings can permanently peacefully coexist with it. Whatever methods and systems of control are used, it all springs from a politics of manipulation and presents a dismal and pathetic spectacle that could indeed depress anyone who really takes it seriously.

But why take it seriously? It isn’t the truth. It is all based on a lie. Human beings are not inherently evil, helpless victims of their own defective nature, consigned to a hell-on-earth struggle with a God-given state of limitation. “The goose is out of the bottle.” Inherent evil, original sin, universal impotence, animal ancestry…it’s all a myth. The only thing wrong has been our willingness to accept the notion that something is wrong and try to live on this basis. The problem, if there is one, is not sin but belief that there is such a thing as sin, and the time is certainly at hand to lay aside all beliefs in favor of the truth.

Replacing the lie of limitation with the truth of wholeness

What truth? The truth of wholeness, completeness, oneness with whatever created the earth and the rest of the universe. The truth of beauty, order and majesty at the core of every human being on the planet. The truth that human beings are here to exercise dominion through intelligent stewardship, not domination through manipulation. The truth, as one person wrote in a letter to me, that “man, male and female, is present on earth to translate through daily living the central pulse of Universal Spirit into coherent meaning at this level of creation.” The truth that you and I are beings of enormous stature and creative potential whose sphere of responsibility includes not only the earth but the solar system beyond.

This “new” understanding of human nature (actually it’s as old as human existence) obviously implies a new politics and a new role for the politician. The politics of manipulation is properly replaced by the politics of co-creation. Politics ceases to be the tedious work of balancing and keeping in check the competing interests that spring from the old sense of self and becomes the delightful art of coordinating the essentially harmonious interests of those who sense their oneness with Universal Spirit.

Wise administrators of the creative process

In essence the politician assumes a leading role in translating the impulses of universal government into coherent meaning and operative form on earth. He or she functions in the center point where the creative cycles that embody the earth’s mission in the cosmos cross over into human consciousness and are given initial release in thought and word. Yes, it is spiritual work, sacred work, and the politician properly sets a tone of integrity and absolute fidelity to the character of Universal Spirit in his/her living.

Here is but a faint and fleeting glimpse of what is potential in politics and government, one of many fields where transformation can occur when this new stature of man is accepted. That this vision is so far beyond anything that can presently be conceived of by mainline politicians and the population at large is indication of how totally immersed we have been in the lie of sin and limitation. But we might be surprised at how readily this vision can be actualized once we stop courting the lie and awaken to our true stature of excellence and authority. Not only awaken to it but accept the mantle of leadership it implies and actually begin to live on this basis.

I’m reminded of the age-old story of the lost child of royal ancestry who, upon being found and told he was king, refused to return and accept the throne, preferring instead his life as a street beggar. A similar choice is being offered to human beings today, and depending on their response, the earth will remain in the gutter or assume its royal role in the universe.

Jerry K. - 2013Jerry Kvasnicka, a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, has had a varied career as a youth minister, a radio news reporter, a writer and editor for several magazines and journals and a custodian with the Loveland, Colorado school district. Jerry currently edits and writes for the mind-spirit section of the online magazine The Mindful Word. He has lived at the Sunrise Ranch spiritual community west of Loveland for twenty-six years. He can be reached at jerry@themindfulword.org.

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Awaken, Arise, Activate



Hear the Call from the Source of All


Awaken!  Creator Son of Reality, Awaken!  Sons and Daughters of God, created in the image of…

Don’t go and give your power away, then stop to think and say, I wish there was another way.

You are powerful! You are free!  You are the creator of your reality, so defined by cosmic law and divine decree.

When it hurts to see something out there, it simply shows how deeply you care, and that you have something vital to share.


Arise!  Your life, your choices, your actions… are important and critical to the evolution of this world!

Don’t believe in some outside force, as the cause of your life course; know now that you are the source.

You are powerful! You are free! You are a living link between divinity, and this grand awakening for humanity.

Each new moment offers a fresh start, to connect and ground within your heart, to be the change and play your part.


Activate!  The love, power and wisdom of the universe is eternally waiting to be activated within you!

You exist on earth as a being of love, divinely created in the image of…, the Creator of All Life, below and above.

You are powerful! You are free!  The latent powers within your capacity, come to life in response to how you be.

Honor the Creator in all of creation, and you will find a supreme realization.  You are here now to represent the spirit nation.

– Gary Goodhue ~ ‘Rajazuhl’

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Liberation Spirituality

by Jerry Kvasnicka

heart-741511_640“To grow Sunrise Ranch as the thriving home community for Emissaries of Divine Light and as a teaching and demonstration sight for enlightened creative living.” So reads the second primary objective that emerged from our strategic planning process. Yes those who live in this thriving spiritual community are committed to demonstrate enlightened creative living in everything we do. But I was thinking that another way of putting this is that we are here to teach and demonstrate liberation.

“Liberation Theology” has long been associated with the Catholic religion. It began in the 1950s-1960s and arose “principally as a moral reaction to the poverty and social injustice” in Latin America (Wikipedia). While I wouldn’t discount the usefulness of relieving poverty and injustice particularly in that area of the world and the theology that supports the need for this kind of liberation, to me all of this is just symptomatic of an underlying bondage that affects not just Latin America but the whole world community.

Liberation from the illusion of separation

This bondage could be described as enslavement to the illusion of separation. Separation from God, separation from Universal Being, from Source, from the creative process of life, from the Grand Design, from the way things work, from Love—there are many ways of describing it. Until this fundamental separation is dealt with, until there is liberation from the illusion of separation, no amount of effort to improve the material conditions of humanity will create a world of peace and abundance.

A liberation theology will not do the job. Theology is mental. I quickly discovered this in my first year at Princeton Theological Seminary. The incoming class was required to read volumes of “systematic theology,” which were mere commentaries on the Bible, particularly the Gospels. For me it was an exhausting, mind-stressing exercise that only served to separate me from the spirit of the Bible’s essential message.

The whole world for millennia has been under the rule of a tyrant. That tyrant is the human mind separated from the control and wisdom of Spirit. Christianity itself is a predominantly mental religion. It is based on a salvation formula mentally concocted by the Apostle Paul and other early church theologians. It was intended to liberate human beings from the bondage of sin and death, among other things, but has actually served to maintain a state of bondage not only among Christians but in the whole body of humanity.

Liberation from the tyranny of the mind-made world

We live in a mind-made world—religiously, politically, economically, scientifically, culturally. Every level of human activity is ruled by the mental tyrant. The illusion of separation is universally and unquestionably accepted. And the fundamental problem is not “out there” in the institutions and systems that have been set up by the mind to run things on earth. The underlying issue and the place where liberation is needed resides in individual human consciousness.

David Karchere, Spiritual Director of Emissaries of Divine Light, puts it this way: “The goal of my life is to bring liberation to the world, knowing that liberation starts in consciousness; knowing that people who are in bondage in consciousness can’t be free in the living of their life. There has to be freedom inside before there can be freedom outside. We need a liberating spirituality that is relevant to today, relevant to this situation, and is true to the Truth of who we are.”

Personal liberation

The Truth of who we are is oneness with the Creator and with all of creation. Separation is an illusion. Hence the need for a relevant liberating spirituality. The first step in accomplishing this is personal liberation. This involves what might be called a personal apocalypse, a profound realization that I am a creator being, in fact a representative of God on earth, and I am here to bring the Light of Love in all that I do.

There are many spiritual paths and practices that may facilitate this awakening and consequent liberation. The one I’ve found to be most effective and the one that is dominantly practiced on Sunrise Ranch is what we have called “spiritual expression.” This is simply bringing the highest and finest qualities of character into everything I say and do. These qualities are associated with the divine, and their consistent expression in living eventually brings the realization, “Why yes, I am this; I am God in action on earth; this is my calling and my destiny.”

Planetary liberation

Once personal liberation is in place then it is appropriate to shift attention to planetary liberation. Liberation from the illusion of separation not only erases our perceived separation from God but also from our fellow human beings. Oneness is the reality. There is a “primal bond” that connects me to every human being on earth. This means that if any other human being is still in bondage to the illusion of separation a part of me is as well. Or, as it has been put, “As long as any are bound, none are free.”

We are here for planetary liberation. An introspective, self-absorbed spiritual practice, though seemingly yielding personal fulfillment and happiness, is incomplete and is not the liberating spirituality that the state of humanity requires at this time. There is a Kabalistic saying that reads: “First we receive the light, then we impart the light, thus we repair the world.”

Sufi mystic Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee describes this very beautifully in an essay entitled Spiritual Empowerment: “Every human being carries within them a light that belongs to God. This light is our most precious substance. It is our divine essence, our true nature. In past centuries the spiritual work with this light has focused on the inner journey back to God, the reclaiming of our essential nature. But there is another dimension to the journey—the mystery of how our individual light relates to the light of the whole. When consciously recognized, this hidden aspect of spiritual life orients the seeker away from solely a personal journey back to God, and turns one’s attention toward service to the whole—a commitment not just to one’s own evolution but to the needs of humanity, the earth, and the needs of the divine alive within both the created and uncreated worlds.”

Planetary liberation via “subtle activism”

I am encouraged by a movement that is currently sweeping through some spiritual circles. It is called “subtle activism” and is explicitly focused on planetary liberation and world service. Stephen Dinan of The Shift Network calls it “the leading edge of spiritual practice, which goes beyond personal awakening to collective healing.” A leading proponent of this movement, David Thomas Nicol, recently hosted an event called “The Power of Subtle Activism: How Leading-Edge Spiritual Practices Can Help Heal the World at a Distance.”

Dinan also writes: “Subtle activism opens up an exciting new realm for our spiritual practices, which can evolve beyond personal growth to helping address ‘hot spots’ in the world — areas of real suffering — or even major political processes involving millions of people.” I certainly applaud this emphasis on planetary liberation. How beautifully it correlates with liberation spirituality! It is something that I and others on Sunrise Ranch have been practicing for decades. We often call it “world radiation,” and every Thursday morning a few of us gather in our Sanctuary for a World Blessing Service.

Liberation spirituality initiated by Jesus

It could be said that Jesus himself initiated liberation spirituality. He achieved personal liberation at a relatively young age and then went on to concentrate on liberating others and ultimately the whole world. Yes I believe his goal was saving humanity, but the liberating message he offered threatened the religious and other structures that were in place at the time. He was a spiritual revolutionary, seeking to break through the veil of separation and free a captive world.

In describing our work on Sunrise Ranch David Karchere strikes a similar note: “Here at Sunrise Ranch, it’s the power of people who are living on the earth in an enlightened way, not in a tyrannical way. We could protest on the steps of the Capitol but we have come to believe that the most powerful thing that we could do is to be, personally and individually, a teaching and demonstration site as a liberated person and then collectively that we could be a teaching and demonstration site of liberated truthful people. We do so with the belief that if this is done among a group of people, both right here at Sunrise and with people connected to us globally, there is tremendous power for transformation brought to the world.”

Liberation Spirituality. Nothing is more critical for the world at this time. Liberation from the illusion of separation. Liberation from the conviction that we are mere human beings helplessly saddled with original sin and other burdens. Liberation from the darkness that engulfs individual and collective consciousness in the fallen state of humanity.

There have been many liberation movements in human history. Black liberation, women’s liberation and gay liberation are among the more recent ones. I would be daring enough to say that if Liberation Spirituality were universally implemented, there would no need for any other kind of liberation. All human problems and issues would vanish even as the darkness vanishes with the coming of the light. And this liberation is not accomplished by opposing or battling anything. It happens automatically as the first objective of our strategic planning process is honored: “To create a clear and committed body of people around the globe who embody the presence of divine being and who bring a profound teaching that transforms the world.”

Jerry K. - 2013Jerry Kvasnicka, a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, has had a varied career as a youth minister, a radio news reporter, a writer and editor for several magazines and journals and a custodian with the Loveland, Colorado school district. Jerry currently edits and writes for the mind-spirit section of the online magazine The Mindful Word. He has lived at the Sunrise Ranch spiritual community in Loveland for twenty-six years. He can be reached at jerry@themindfulword.org.

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When All of Life Becomes a Meditation

by Jerry Kvasnicka


Every evening after work he descended into his small basement apartment, assumed a lotus position in front of a blank space of wall and began counting his breaths, fiercely concentrating on each number until nothing occupied his consciousness but the number. 1… 2… 3… After each cycle of ten he started over. And when he had moved through two or three cycles without any wandering of attention he let go of the numbers and focused on breaths alone. And when after further concentration he was so thoroughly fixed on the breaths that no distracting thought or feeling could enter in, he moved on to contemplate nothing but the emptiness of his own consciousness. He remained in this final state for about half an hour, thereafter rousing himself and going upstairs to dinner.

It was called meditation. He had developed this particular technique with the aid of a book called The Three Pillars of Zen. It allowed him to relax at the close of each work day, and when he returned to the affairs of the external world he saw things in a different way, at least for a little while. Mounting the steps to the kitchen sometimes seemed like ascending the golden stairway to the “celestial city.” The carrots on his plate melted into the French fried potatoes and vice versa. The wall calendar alternately sparkled and shimmered. And auras, yes the auras around people were quite distinguishable.

Seeing the light

Of course the ultimate goal was “enlightenment,” attainment of the blissful state of nirvana, deliverance from the wheel of birth and death, total union with the universe. And did he not read that evidence of this achievement was seeing the “white light” during the third stage of meditation? Well in two of his recent sittings he had done just that! To be sure, these were just fleeting patches of light, but white light nonetheless.

He began to spend a lot of time thinking about whether he had or had not been enlightened; in fact this became a major distraction during his daily meditation, eventually assuming such importance that he found it very difficult to enter the third phase at all. After several experiences of anything but blissful contemplation, he decided that enlightenment had indeed been attained earlier and that the hour he normally spent meditating could be more profitably spent reading the daily paper.

The principal character in the preceding narrative is, you guessed it, yours truly. Perhaps many reading this article have had similar experiences, for variations on the kind of meditation practice described above have reached great heights of popularity not only among young adults seeking a substitute for psychedelics but also among established professional people seeking a more effective way of coping with the pressures of the rat race than alcohol, tranquilizers and psychoanalysis. Teachers of meditation, some of them with rather dubious credentials, have swelled with the rising tide, making meditation a highly marketable commodity.

Hardly a day goes by when I don’t receive a brochure in the mail or an e-mail promoting a university or free university course in meditation, a conference on the same, or a “meditation camp” where it is combined with such things as horseback riding and skiing. And as for paraphernalia, well there are scads of ads for meditation benches, garments, shoes, posters, timers, charms, beads, special mantras and everything else to streamline the voyage inward. In short, meditation has been pretty well stripped of its Eastern religious trappings and secularized, Westernized, commercialized and otherwise appropriated as a technique by “civilized” human beings to get what they think they want.

Could meditation involve everything we do?

And what shall we do with it? Paul Dean wrote in the Phoenix Arizona Republic: “The nice thing about meditation is that it makes doing nothing quite respectable.” While Mr. Dean may be stretching things a bit, such a statement is at least in part justified when meditation is seen as something limited to lotus postures and laborious concentration, as something divorced from the activities of everyday living. I suggest that we begin to see it in a different way: as something expansive and outpouring, as a spiritual dynamic that properly includes the whole of life. Something of this broader perspective was evident in an article I found the other day in one of my old New Age magazines entitled “Natural Meditation: The Bud of Creativity.”

Quoting from the article: “Tens of thousands of Americans are looking for the source in meditation and taking workshop after workshop in search of effective techniques. Yet we are all natural meditators who need no instruction. Self-realization comes from knowing ourselves. We can close our eyes anytime, anywhere, and ask to have something revealed to us about ourselves, or we can drive, sit, lie down, walk, wash dishes, sing in the shower, and all of that is meditation.”

When self-expression trumps self-realization, meditation expands

Yes meditation in the true sense includes everything we do. However, to facilitate this I believe self-expression rather than self-realization should be our primary concern. We are not particularly interested, as is the case with many meditators, in acquiring self-knowledge; we are simply interested in giving forth the blessing of life in each unique situation that we encounter. As one of my mentors put it: “True meditation might be defined as the direct participation of one’s body, mind and emotions in the spiritual expression of one’s true nature in the field of one’s own particular responsibility. This is God in action on earth.” I might add that when this is done, self-realization is added as a bonus.

In contrast, the popular approach to meditation is often based in getting—getting a victory in the big tennis match, getting “peace of mind,” getting self-knowledge, ultimately getting out of the earth into some kind of inner heaven. But to me authentic meditation is actually a quality of attunement with the higher vibratory levels of spirit for the purpose of letting what is present at these levels be revealed in form on earth. It is outer-directed, not inner-directed. It is letting heaven come on earth, not escaping from the earth into an imaginary heaven. We truly meditate as we fill the forms of earth with the substance of heaven by the consistent expression of the truth of ourselves from moment to moment.

Speaking of filling the forms of earth, how would you like to go “meditate” with me on the heavenly substance represented by a banana split at the nearest Dairy Delight? This reminds me of the young woman who took up Transcendental Meditation to lose weight and her mantra was “Hot Fudge Sundae.” I understand that she consumed 362 mantras during her first sitting and would not come out of her meditative trance until a real hot fudge sundae was put in front of her. There must be better way, and if you have genuinely meditated on the words of this article you should know what it is.

Jerry K. - 2013Jerry Kvasnicka, a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, has had a varied career as a youth minister, a radio news reporter, a writer and editor for several magazines and journals and a custodian with the Loveland, Colorado school district. Jerry currently edits and writes for the mind-spirit section of the online magazine The Mindful Word. He has lived at the Sunrise Ranch spiritual community in Loveland for twenty-six years. He can be reached at jerry@themindfulword.org.

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What Is Your S.I.Q.?

by Jerry Kvasnicka

S.I.Q.S.I.Q. stands for “spiritual intelligence quotient.” It has to do with the spiritual discernment and consequent expression in living that results when consciousness is primarily informed by the universal essence that connects us all rather than by reaction to external factors. For personal and planetary health S.I.Q. is far more important than plain I.Q.

When I look out at the world that human beings have made I am tempted to repeat the words of one my favorite bumper stickers: “Beam me up, Scotty, there’s no intelligent life down here.” Yes, there’s plenty of I.Q., plenty of “brilliant” ideas concocted by the human mind. But there’s very little S.I.Q., without which life as it was created to be cannot flourish on earth.

People with high I.Q.s developed nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them. People with a high I.Q. developed genetically modified organisms, ‘blessing’ us with GMO crops and foods. People with high I.Q.s developed pesticides and herbicides that are killing our bees. People with high I.Q.s devised a process for getting oil out of the ground called fracking that uses massive amounts of water, contaminates the water and causes earthquakes in some areas. People with high I.Q.s devised land use policies that contribute to desertification. And people with high I.Q.s came up with the internal combustion engine; it runs our cars and trucks but spews carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that contributes to global warming.

Problems spring from solutions!

Oh what wonderful things have been given to the world by people of high intelligence! News commentator Eric Sevareid hit the mark when he said, “The chief cause of problems is solutions.” Another way of putting this is “Today’s problems are yesterday’s solutions.” The human mind, uninformed by Spirit or what we might call Universal Being, was never intended to govern this planet.

In the United States hundreds of thousands of laws have been put on the books by the U.S. Congress, all for the purpose of solving problems and creating a just, peaceful, prosperous and happy state for everyone in the country. Has anything even remotely resembling this come to pass? Certainly not, and the underlying reason is low spiritual intelligence.

Religion lowers spiritual intelligence!

How is spiritual intelligence increased? An obvious answer might be: religion. Nothing could be further from the truth. Human religion lowers spiritual intelligence. Why? Because it is the product of the human mind and human imagination, not of any real connection with Spirit. Religion interposes a veil of beliefs, doctrines, creeds, holy books, rites, rituals, relics and assorted salvation formulas between Spirit and human consciousness. Spirit has a difficult time penetrating this veil, if it can get through at all. Clogged with religion human consciousness tends to languish in a helpless victim state of identity.

“We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” This bumper sticker states the truth. But most human beings in effect affirm the opposite: “We are human beings trying to have a spiritual experience.” And I might add that they use religion and all of its paraphernalia in an effort to induce this experience and have some kind of connection with God. But as long as identity remains at the level of a mere human being trying to connect with a remote and often punitive God, spiritual intelligence remains at a low level and the world continues to slide down the road to oblivion.

To increase S.I.Q. it might be useful to begin with the affirmation “Be still and know that I am God.” Being still, clearing mind and heart of all the mental and emotional clutter from out of the past, human consciousness is then in position to experience the communion with God that is already present. Yes we are already in communion with God and always have been. We just haven’t been aware of it and feel we need to somehow manufacture it by external means.

God is worshipping you!

Worship is one of these devices. For many human beings worship involves coming together in a church, mosque, synagogue or temple to reach out to a distant God via prayers, hymns, scriptures, sacraments, etc. But for those who have awakened to their already existing communion with the Most High, worship becomes something radically different. David Karchere, spiritual director of Emissaries of Divine Light, beautifully describes this:

It’s not hard to see how the efforts of human beings to be religious, or even spiritual, so often cut across the already-existing reality of the presence of what God is, if that word God has any meaning at all. And what really has to happen for there to be a change in human experience is a breakdown of whatever veil there is in the human mind and heart that doesn’t understand how the reality of God is worshiping them now, already.

Knowing that you’ve been worshipped, is worship of God an effort? Do we have to go through some great ritual, ceremony, or reach some high religious fervor in order to worship God? If we need rituals and ceremony, it’s to break down the veil that’s present in our own heart—the veil of unseeingness, the veil of ingratitude—so that we can know what’s already true: we are being loved, we are being worshipped. Knowing that you are loved, knowing that you are worshipped, is it hard to love and worship back? Is that an effort? Not at all.

This is a radical departure from the common conception of worship and of communion with God. Instead of making an effort to worship God, this is saying that God is worshipping us! And so worship becomes primarily the celebration of an already existing fact. Yes we can still engage in singing, praying and various forms of ceremony in a service of worship, but the experience is different when the dynamic is celebration of divine imminence rather than reaching out to a distant God.

You are a Temple of the Living God

“Be still and know that I am God.” Speaking this, feeling this, living this, being this raises spiritual intelligence. As I do this I come home to the truth of who I am: a spiritual being, a representative of Universal Being, an angel incarnate. As Uranda, founder of Emissaries of Divine Light, observed: “Truly man, as God created him, male and female, is the Temple of the Living God.”

To this one might reply, “Well, I certainly don’t feel like a spiritual being, let alone a being that God is worshipping.” Okay, but could it be that your feelings are giving you false information? Your mind and emotions, like mine, have probably been conditioned for decades to believe that you are a mere human being, a victim of circumstance and, if you’ve been exposed to Christianity, a helpless carrier of original sin. The first step toward spiritual intelligence is to delete this mental and emotional default programming via a process of conscious deprogramming.

Replace habitual reaction with divine action

How does this work? It’s very simple. Begin with the assumption that you are a spiritual being, a representative of God on earth. Pretend if you must. Then no matter what comes to you or who comes to you, simply act as though God might act in relation to that circumstance. No matter how habituated you are to react to the situation on the basis of impulses arising from the conditioned self you have known, respond to the situation from your highest vision of how a spiritual being made in the very image and likeness of God would handle it.

This begins to establish a spiritual baseline in consciousness and from there spiritual intelligence may increase. Because the more you override habitual reaction in favor of activating the highest and finest qualities of character and the unconditional love at your core, the more you realize, “Why I am this! This is my very nature!”

We know what we express. Express Spirit and know Spirit. Invest everything we say and everything we do with Spirit and our S.I.Q. continues to increase. And this not only increases individual S.I.Q. but, perhaps more importantly, raises the spiritual intelligence level of the whole body of humanity and serves to save our precious planet Earth from the excesses of ordinary I.Q.

Jerry K. - 2013Jerry Kvasnicka, a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, has had a varied career as a youth minister, a radio news reporter, a writer and editor for several magazines and journals and a custodian with the Loveland, Colorado school district. Jerry currently edits and writes for the mind-spirit section of the online magazine The Mindful Word. He has lived at the Sunrise Ranch spiritual community in Loveland for twenty-six years. He can be reached at jerry@themindfulword.org

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Depression and Its Antidote

by Jerry Kvasnicka

i_am_stronger__teen_depression_by_hopelesslavenderA radio talk show I listened to a few years ago featured a female sociologist being interviewed on the subject of depression. She said that according to recent studies married women are more likely to suffer from depression than married men, that some two thirds of all married women do experience depression, and that employment outside of the home doesn’t reduce a woman’s susceptibility. Later it was brought out that men intent on suicide are generally more efficient in disposing of themselves than suicidal women; the latter quite often botch the job and can be pumped out, dug out or fished out.

While these may be interesting facts to some they probably have little relevance to a consideration of depression for our purposes. Probably many people reading this article have yet to commit marriage or suicide. But how many would claim that they never experience periods of depression? Can anyone on earth make such a claim? I doubt it. Depression is a fact of existence (notice I didn’t say life) in the mixed-up, messed-up world in which we find ourselves. And pockets of depression will remain until the mess is completely cleaned up.

Psychologists distinguish between two different kinds of depression: that which is related to external factors and that which doesn’t seem to have an external cause but is just there. In the first instance things like failure in school, rejection in a relationship, loss of a job, slumping stock prices or deterioration in the world situation can trigger periods of depression. In the second instance the depression cannot be directly linked to anything external but manifests nevertheless in deep and persisting feelings of boredom, loneliness, emptiness, futility and disintegration. It has been described as a vibrational void or vacuum in which nothing seems to give pleasure anymore. As it was put in Ecclesiastes: “All is vanity…. There is no new thing under the sun.”

Chemical imbalances, vitamin deficiencies and childhood trauma

In some circles depression, like alcoholism, is considered to be a disease. It has been related to chemical imbalances in the body, a situation that can presumably be corrected with certain drugs such as Paxil or Prozac. Other forms of depression have been traced to low blood sugar and specific vitamin deficiencies; in these cases high-protein and vitamin-rich diets are often recommended. And of course psychiatrists have a field day connecting depression to the deprivations and traumas of early childhood.

One can go on at great length describing and analyzing depression, classifying and sub-classifying its causes, symptoms and supposed treatments, applying high-sounding scientific terminology to all these things, and thereby making it quite respectable and even worth talking about at your next bridge party. But what is the value of any of this beyond providing the sufferer with a handy excuse and the false assurance that depression is normal? Does any of it get at the root cause of personal and collective depression? Does it help me to deal with the immediate effects of depression in my own consciousness? No to all of the above.

The ultimate cause

I am pretty sure that nothing resembling depression existed in the original, pristine, garden state of humanity. It follows that all depression, whether triggered by external events or not, is nothing but an effect of fallen human consciousness—i.e. the self-induced separation of human beings from the original divine state—and won’t be eliminated until human consciousness is universally restored to correct polarity with the creative process of life.

Okay, so how in the meantime do we handle this effect? By fighting it with antidepressant drugs, megavitamins and other substances? By seeking to erase childhood conditioning through psychoanalysis? By taking a long vacation or moving to another city? By getting married? Or divorced? While these procedures may provide momentary relief for some people, nothing is done about the underlying cause, nor is any real inner strength built; and so the depression, though temporarily driven underground, will inevitably surface again, perhaps in a more insidious form.

To handle depression the first thing to remember is not to fight or resist it in any way, since resistance simply gives power to what is resisted. Traced back to its origins depression is found to be nothing but an emptiness, a void. So unless you enjoy chasing shadows… What I’m getting at of course is to do what nature does whenever there is a vacuum—fill it; express life!

Go dig a ditch!

A few years ago I asked a trusted mentor and health professional what to do about depression and he simply told me to go dig a ditch! In other words, get the capacities of body and mind moving, release something, give something. Don’t withdraw or withhold. Don’t sit around and sulk. Nothing is more devastating. Blast through the void with a solid surge of spirit, thereby declaring that no feeling, however painful, can prevent you from smiling, laughing and otherwise revealing the strong and radiant being that in truth you are.

And nothing is gained by heaping guilt upon your head for feeling depressed. There has been a tendency to think that depression is God’s way of punishing a person for wrongdoing. Nonsense. Everyone, even the nicest people, experience at least mild forms of depression. Indeed there are downward pulsations or lows in the creative cycle of life itself! So there is nothing sinful, immoral or personal about feeling a low. It is what is expressed during these periods that counts. And if this expression springs from the serene and positive center of being, then depression may become just another of the interesting circumstances that can be used to advantage in sounding the true tone of life on earth.

Jerry K. - 2013Jerry Kvasnicka, a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, has had a varied career as a youth minister, a radio news reporter, a writer and editor for several magazines and journals and a custodian with the Loveland, Colorado school district. Jerry currently edits and writes for the mind-spirit section of the online magazine The Mindful Word. He has lived at the Sunrise Ranch spiritual community in Loveland for twenty-six years. He can be reached at jerry@themindfulword.org.

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Wisdom From the Back of a Car

submitted by Jerry Kvasnicka

bumper sticker #2As I stated in the initial installment of this series I find a lot of wisdom in bumper stickers and keep a list of them handy for illustrating and driving home points I’m seeking to make in casual conversation or more public statements. Bumper stickers seem to have a marvelous ability to reduce a fact or principle to essence and convey the result in a form that, though possibly provocative, is generally palatable and often quite amusing. As I’ve had a life-long interest in metaphysics and spirituality, I find these pithy little messages particularly suitable for challenging fundamentalist extremism and separating genuine spirituality from religious facades and pretensions. So here are some more of my favorites:


Religious nuts are hard to crack. They’re so embedded in shells of beliefs, doctrines, rites, rituals, rules and relics that even the most effective nut crackers generally fail to open them, and even if the shell is cracked the nut inside will often crumble in the process. Obviously God (or what I prefer to call the creative process of life) finds it almost impossible to penetrate and work with this material.
Religious beliefs and behavior, even though socially acceptable and seemingly innocuous, are actually evidence of spiritual derangement, of disconnection with the creative process, and are threatening to the life of the individuals embedded in these structures and the life of the planet. An illusory world has been created on this basis. This world and the human condition that pervades it are comparable to an insane asylum, and religions provide the primary impulse that spawns and perpetuates this insanity.

The root of the insanity may be found in the idea that meaning and fulfillment in life come from something external, i.e. beliefs, rituals, holy books, saviors, saints, temples, sacred sites, etc. The truth is that meaning and fulfillment come from within, from the pure and inexhaustible fountain of life at the source of every person’s being. When this fountain is allowed to flow into an individual’s thinking, speaking and behavior the surrounding environment is watered and begins to participate in the flow. Delicious spiritual fruits result from this flow, fruits that are soft and pliable, unlike the hard nuts of religion that only serve to block the flow.


This is pretty much the story of human beings on earth since their fall from grace. In the book of Job in the Old Testament, when the Lord asked Satan from whence he came, Satan said “From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.” Human beings have been going to and fro in the earth and up and down in it for thousands of years and, especially in these days of advanced technology, making record time But except for a smattering of individuals who have discovered something of the truth of love and how life operates, the human race has been lost and has been making excellent time toward oblivion.

I have frequent dreams of being lost in a large city and struggling mightily to find my way back to some familiar landmark. The harder I try, the more lost I become. Panic sets in and I begin to make record time running or driving from street to street, around this corner and that corner, up this alley, through this backyard, across this field. It is exhausting and I finally collapse in a heap of frustration. Once again we have a metaphor for what is being experienced by the whole body of humanity.

Here is a closely related bumper sticker to the one we’re considering: DON’T FOLLOW ME, I’M LOST TOO. At least the person is honest enough to admit being lost. Some religious, political and educational leaders give the impression that they have found the answers or even the answer and have attracted many followers on this basis, when the fact is that they are just as lost as everyone else. Oh and by the way another bumper sticker that goes with this syndrome is WHERE ARE WE GOING? AND WHY AM I IN THIS HANDBASKET?

These games of lost and found can only be played by human beings who are enmeshed in the human drama and are looking for the answer in something external to themselves. It is this very involvement with externals that has created a world of illusion in which people perceive themselves as being lost. Disconnected from their own Inner Reality, directions and answers are sought in something from the environment, often some form of religious faith. Obviously what is required is reconnection with the Reality, the I AM core of every person’s being.

This God center never has been and never will be lost, so there is certainly no need to search for it. No need to search for meaning and fulfillment or for enlightenment; I am already filled full of everything I need for fulfillment; I am already enlightened, which I discover as I shine the light that I am. When I am coming from this place in creative self-expression I find my spiritual home, and my world transforms in record time.


This is unfortunately true, because the way 90% of human beings think is not really thinking at all; it is just reaction to factors in the environment. This reactive “thinking” produces all kinds of destructive effects. In fact it has produced all of the violence, corruption, disease and all the other forms of human suffering peculiar to the human condition on this planet. We live in a mind-made world, and the deplorable nature of this world is the result of the mind being used in the wrong way. From the moment of birth human beings are conditioned to “think” reactively, using analysis, deduction and so-called logic. The entire educational system is based on this. We are taught that the only way to achieve success in life is to analyze and manipulate external circumstances to so-called advantage.

It has been said that the human mind is like a parachute; to work it must be open. The question is, open to what? To external circumstances in an attempt to solve problems and arrange things in a way that seems to satisfy my wants and desires? No, whatever created the mind never intended it to be used in this reactive way. The mind works the way it should when it is open to what I refer to as Source or Spirit, to the Fountain of Life bubbling up from within. When the pure water from this Fountain flows over the waterwheel of the human mind, fresh and enlightened thoughts emerge to enrich the environment. But when the mind is used reactively, stagnant water from the cistern of the subconscious is lifted up to the waterwheel and the result is the human condition with all of its corruption and conflict.

In other words, the human mind is properly a servant rather than the master, an instrument of control rather than the control itself. The expression “I think, therefore I am” is attributed to the philosopher Descartes. This elevates the mind to a position it should not occupy. The truth is “I am, therefore I think,” i.e. Being first, then thinking. And when human beings come together utilizing this kind of creative thinking magic happens as the possibilities inherent in Source are allowed to manifest. In the spiritual community of Sunrise Ranch where I live creative thinking and magic thrives in the Creative Field Groups and Transformation Groups that meet regularly, quite a contrast to what comes out of the think tanks and study groups operative in human government and academia.


This bumper sticker allows me to sum up pretty much everything I’ve said in this series. The way human beings have behaved on this magnificent planet has unfortunately put it in great jeopardy. There is a very real possibility that this Earth project could be thrown on the cosmic scrap heap. In fact I’m rather amazed that the greater Universe has for so long tolerated the “den of iniquity” that human beings have created and sustained on the planet. I can only explain it to myself by referring to what has been called “the grace of God.” Whatever it is that created this project evidently still believes that we can finally get it together.

And the only way, as I see it, that we can get it together and avoid blowing this uniquely beautiful creative experiment is to fully embody the love that fueled and formed the basis of its creation. However, what the world needs now is not love, sweet love, but the truth of love. It is the interpretations of love by the reactive human mind that have brought the Earth to the brink of disaster. It is impossible for the reactive and self-serving human mind to know the truth of love. It has to get out of the way; indeed it has to dissolve. And the only way that can happen is when primal spirituality is recovered, i.e. when our innate, intuitive knowing of the truth of love and of Being is actually expressed in living. Otherwise it lies buried in the subconscious mind and the reactive mind is in control.

So here is the formula for saving the Earth: let us be the creator beings that we are by fully embodying the qualities of divine character in our living. It begins with the individual and works out from there to transform the Earth. The answer is not in religion; the answer is not in politics and government; the answer is not in science. The answer is in me and you and the spiritual body that emerges on the basis of our expression of the truth of love. Yes I know that astronomers have discovered some other earth-like planets in the galaxy, but frankly I can’t imagine how another planet could be more beautiful and offer more scope for creative expression than the one we have right here. So please let’s not blow this unmatched creative opportunity!

Jerry K. - 2013 Jerry Kvasnicka, a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, has had a varied career as a youth minister, a radio news reporter, a writer and editor for several magazines and journals and a custodian with the Loveland, Colorado school district. Jerry currently edits and writes for the mind-spirit section of the online magazine The Mindful Word. He has lived at the Sunrise Ranch spiritual community in Loveland for twenty-six years. He can be reached at jerry@themindfulword.org

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