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Time’s Up

Submitted by Gary Goodhue

It has to end somewhere. It has to end sometime.
It can end here. It can end now.

Like a horse running rampant with no one at the reigns,
The servants have their way with the house
While the owner’s kept in chains.
Spring free! Break out!
Let it all hang out.
Be the Master! Be the King!
Be the greatest you’ve ever been.
Put thy house in order and reclaim the throne,
Be ye not afraid to stand alone.
No more idly sitting and watching from the side,
Wondering what if, yet having never tried.
Be the person you’ve always wanted to be,
Standing strong like a mighty oak tree.
Too much time spent boxing my shadow,
Fighting to grow, seeking to know.
When the light is outside, the shadows exist.
Ownership given away, and a lesson is missed.
When the light is inside, the shadows are gone.
My nights become short as my days become long.
Stepping out, standing up, Waking from my slumber.
Moving toward what’s real, up and down, over and under.
Choice and Commitment, the Law and the Way.
Love, laugh, live, listen and pray.

Gary Goodhue is an author, actor, poet and spiritual aspirant. Gary has been exploring universal success principles, personal development and spiritual concepts for most of his life. He has studied at the School of Metaphysics, as well as teaching classes and serving as branch director for one of their sixteen school centers. He was also involved with the Community of Light and is currently living at Sunrise Ranch, headquarters of the Emissaries of Divine Light. He is involved in their Full Self Emergence Program and serves in multiple capacities on the ranch and in the community. He works within different departments and also has started participating in the EDL ministry program, sharing spiritual truth and reciting original works of poetry, as well as writing blog articles for the website. Gary is looking forward to deepening his relationship with the Emissaries and serving in greater capacities as the spirit of love expresses through him into larger levels of manifestation and experience.

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