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Letting Go of The Story

Submitted by Gary Goodhue

As creator beings, we are constantly creating the reality that we experience in each of our moments.  This is a universal truth and can be observed to whatever degree we are willing to take responsibility for our lives.  This can sometimes be a very difficult thing to do for it is quite easy to fall into blame or identifying as a victim, putting that responsibility on someone or something outside of ourselves. We have all had many different experiences where something happened to us that seemed wrong or unjust or simply did not fall into the realm of what we wanted.  We all have an individual history of experiences that we have lived through and we all share a common history of experiences that have occurred throughout humanity’s past.  We have a personal and collective story that has served to shape how we see ourselves.  Depending on how strongly we identify with different parts of this story, this is a major factor in how we define our individual identity.  And our identity, or how we see ourselves, is critical in beginning to understand how it is that we are creating the reality that we experience.

The creation of our experience of today is heavily influenced by our yesterday, and the creation of our experience of tomorrow is heavily influenced by our today.  This is why we have the experience of the past repeating itself.  If I think I know myself to be a certain way because of what has happened to me in the past, or a particular pattern of how I have always responded to a specific situation that happens to me, then I have locked myself into a certain way of being.  I have identified with my personal image of Who I Am as being a certain someone, or having a certain something that just happens to me outside of my control.  This then becomes the expectation for oneself.  This sets up a reality matrix that pulls that something into your experience and you play out a pre-programmed paradigm for how you will respond or react to your outer environment.  You have created a box that limits the amount of new, expansive experiences you can have.  You expect the same things to happen to you that you are identified with, that which has already and always happened to you before; and you expect yourself to do the same things or be the same ways as you have before, because that is what you have locked onto and identified yourself as.

This can occur with as many examples as you can imagine, however it is usually only the ones that cause complications in our lives that stimulate us to go looking for change.  If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it; but if it is broken, then don’t keep repeating a broken pattern.  We define whether or not something is broken by how well it works for us and gives us what we want.  Whether our habits or experiences seem to be broken or not, if we keep experiencing the same things then we are still faced with the same issue; we are still caught in a loop of repeating experiences and therefore limiting our access into the full realm of possibility.

This is where the imagination comes into play.  The imagination lives in the realm of possibility.  As long as we are solely operating from the memory and identified with our story from the past, we are destined to live in a limited way based on what was, rather than what could be.  Our present experience of what is continues to be colored by what we have known before and that is what we set up as an expectation of what will be.  When we can let go of what was, all of our preconceived notions of who we are and how the world treats us, and realize the Truth, then we are on the path to creating new and expansive realities and can identify with ourselves in new and expansive ways.

What is this Truth?  We are unlimited beings with unlimited ways of identifying and knowing ourselves.  The world reflects back to us what we project into it.   You reap what you sow.  The people and happenings in our personal world exist as reflections for us to better know ourselves in relation to it.  We can choose how we see ourselves and how we see the world around us.  We are fully self-responsible for the creation of our experience and that creation is dependent upon the perspective we choose to operate from.  We are never victims and only fall into the illusion of believing we are if we allow it.

Letting go of the story means taking individual responsibility for being an intentional creator of your life and giving up the boxes and limitations of what is possible based upon the past.  It means basing your expectations of what can happen from your imagination rather than your memory.  It means opening up to the unlimited nature of who you are and what is possible for you.  As more of us do this individually within ourselves, the more that we will see this transformation happen also on a collective level.  We are the ones responsible for changing the world we live in and that can only occur by changing our own personal world that we are constantly creating every day.

Gary Goodhue is an author, actor, poet and spiritual aspirant. Gary has been exploring universal success principles, personal development and spiritual concepts for most of his life. He has studied at the School of Metaphysics, as well as teaching classes and serving as branch director for one of their sixteen school centers. He was also involved with the Community of Light and is currently living at Sunrise Ranch, headquarters of the Emissaries of Divine Light. He is involved in their Full Self Emergence Program and serves in multiple capacities on the ranch and in the community. He works within different departments and also has started participating in the EDL ministry program, sharing spiritual truth and reciting original works of poetry, as well as writing blog articles for the website. Gary is looking forward to deepening his relationship with the Emissaries and serving in greater capacities as the spirit of love expresses through him into larger levels of manifestation and experience.

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