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Connecting to the Beloved Through Drumming

Submitted by Linda Haupt

One day I sat pondering…… Is there another way to connect to God that I have yet to imagine?
How do I/You connect to God?

Some of my favorite ways to connect to the Beloved are morning and evening walks. Meditation, prayer, divine listening to my heart, to nature, to music: all still my mind. I connect to God attending services and being in the FSE program at Sunrise Ranch. Movement, especially dancing works for me. Doing something with someone that is the first time for each of us opens me to my innocence. Sharing a peaceful meal, a picnic can be a feast with God. Smelling lilacs, feeling the warm sun or catching a snowflake on my tongue – these truly are some of my favorite things. Listening to a rooster crow welcomes me to God’s dawn. Wishing on a star or catching a firefly is a kiss that tucks me in at night. God lives in poetry, art, and music. Gratitude for the cosmos, the world, my family and friends increases my connection to God.

There aren’t enough words to express how I/We connect to God. It is more a question of how practiced am I at connecting to God. How creatively present can I be?

One day my sons called asking if I would like a djembe drum for Christmas. The idea intrigued me. I thought back to the Heart Beat Drum Festival here on Sunrise Ranch last year. I recalled borrowing a drum and magic happened. I love to dance with the Beloved, a true portal for me. Now, would it be possible for me to drum with the Beloved? A novel idea and I was up for it. In order to be practiced, I committed to drumming as a personal spiritual practice.

That plan just plain didn’t work! When I wanted to drum, it wasn’t a good time for my housemates to hear me make noise, for that is all I was making. Drumming quietly didn’t seem to cut it. Spirit couldn’t hear me and I was totally disconnected. I wanted to hear a collective drum beat.

Time for plan B! I shared my desire to learn to drum with my Creative Field Small Group and found interest! Another member in my group, Larry, had drumming as his personal spiritual practice as well. We made a commitment to drum once a week for an hour.

In the beginning it was just Larry and Linda. We listened to tapes and practiced reading drum music. We listened to our own creative rhythms. We had fun. We also spread the word. A month later we are making God’s music with our fellow brothers and sisters on the ranch. Last week we encompassed beginners as well as experienced drummers, elders to children. Our drum circle grew. Magic happened!

Percussion and voice joined us. Thank you Robby, Denye, Uma, Alice, Laurie, Caroline, Rachel and her precious children and of course Larry for having the same personal spiritual practice, the faith that drumming is Spirit.

It is truly amazing when collectively we turn our faces to the Beloved.


Linda is a retired Special Needs School Teacher. Her mission in teaching was to provide the space for each student to see their magnificence rather than what was perceived as wrong.  While living in rural Maine, she held spiritual retreats. Her peaceful cottage by the sea was a perfect place to be shared with others.  Here she provided a place to be still and encouraged all to see the wonderful one within.  In March of 2011, she moved to Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado and enjoys sharing time with parents in Maine and sons in Colorado.  She entered the Full Self-Emergence Program at Sunrise Ranch.  She also studies with her spiritual teacher Megan Don.  Going on pilgrimages and walking in the shoes of the Mystics has helped Linda to find her innocence and let go of the stories of past experience.  In 2011, she was blessed to visit The Findhorn Community and the island of Iona in Scotland.  Linda loves travel, both in person and via photography via her brother’s God given talent and vision on chuckhaupt.com.  When she isn’t on the Front Desk in Guest Services at the Ranch you will find her moving-dancing, hiking, drumming, or swinging in her hammock “with the Beloved”.

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