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Oh the places I go………………

Submitted by Linda Haupt

Oh the places I go………………

There are places I go in my mind. There are places my feet take me. My emotions can take me on a merry-go-round.

At Sunrise Ranch there are many places to go. I can walk up the steep incline to Moon Rocks or saunter to the Reservoir. I can carry my djembe drum to the Fire Pit by the Rim Rock. I can do a walking meditation on the Labyrinth.

When I let spirit guide me it is amazing the places I go.

I could live at the Farm, at the Gables, at the Garden House, in the 4-Plex, in a Condo, Orchard Cottage or the Hobbit House.

I can eat at home, in the Pavilion or the adored Yellow Kitchen. I can munch an apple with the children of Sunrise Ranch or walk to our neighbors store and buy popsicles. On our way back to the ranch we can see how many children it takes to hug a tree to see how old it may be.

Oh the places I go……….

I can vacuum the dome, wash lettuce in the kitchen, work at the front desk, or be on childcare. I can weed the garden, be a greeter for Sunday Service and serve refreshments after a concert. I can walk to work, to class, to meals, and to visit a friend. I can go to class in the Aspen Room or Rim Rock Room. I can go for an Attunement in the Sanctuary. I can chant in the Little Chapel.

Oh the places I go……………

I give thanks every year, every month, every day, every moment for living in this beautiful valley.

I give thanks for my brothers and sisters here. I create a sacred agreement and I learn to count on my fellow beings.

Oh the places I go…………………

I bless this sacred valley, the earth and the food we grow here, the cattle and chickens that graze here, the buildings that house us and the sky that graces us with incredible sunrises, sunsets, rainbows, rain showers, snow blizzards and clear views of the celestial city beyond.

Oh the places I go……………..

Linda is a retired Special Needs School Teacher. Her mission in teaching was to provide the space for each student to see their magnificence rather than what was perceived as wrong. While living in rural Maine, she held spiritual retreats. Her peaceful cottage by the sea was a perfect place to be shared with others. Here she provided a place to be still and encouraged all to see the wonderful one within. In March of 2011, she moved to Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado and enjoys sharing time with parents in Maine and sons in Colorado. She entered the Full Self-Emergence Program at Sunrise Ranch. She also studies with her spiritual teacher Megan Don. Going on pilgrimages and walking in the shoes of the Mystics has helped Linda to find her innocence and let go of the stories of past experience. In 2011, she was blessed to visit The Findhorn Community and the island of Iona in Scotland. Linda loves travel, both in person and via photography via her brother’s God given talent and vision on chuckhaupt.com. When she isn’t on the Front Desk in Guest Services at the Ranch you will find her moving-dancing, hiking, drumming, or swinging in her hammock “with the Beloved”.

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  1. Allana Downie Says:

    Thanks for sharing that beautiful space, Linda.

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