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Why Am I Here? & What Am I Doing?

Submitted by Linda Haupt

How many times has my conscious mind posed these questions?  Have I answered on the fly?  Maybe used a catch phrase professing to be spiritual and then forgot to walk my talk?  My life is always a grand adventure.  That is why I am here and what I am doing is manifesting heaven on earth.  Sometimes I forget.

Have you ever experienced a grand surprise that you had not counted on?  And immediately found yourself shouting at God, NO NOT NOW!

God’s ways are not always my ways.  Surrendering my way is definitely the peaceful way to go.  Sometimes I choose to get embroiled in the “why me story”.  My other choice is to take a spiritual leap and face my fears.  Can I connect with the healing power of Spirit?  Can I remember to use God’s strength and connect with my brothers and sisters all over the world through our collective pain and our collective joy?

Below are some inspiring words from my spiritual teacher Meghan Don who didn’t see a potentially deadly diagnosis coming her way.


“It has also been interesting to note the different “viewing platforms,” so to speak. The first level is seeing and feeling only the physical, and the prayer is, “please take this cup from me.” The next level is seeing and feeling the absolute beauty and absolute horror of this world, and the prayer is, “thy will be done.” The next level is suffused with a golden light and there is no pain, no suffering, only pure perfection, love and goodness. Here there is no prayer per se, as everything you do is a prayer, every breath, every glance, every closing and opening of the eyes…everything in and for the Holy One. It has been a blessing to know and live these different levels of being. May it be so for us all.

 In the meantime, let us pray and have faith in the miracle healing of Yeshua Messiah here and now in our world today and let God’s will be done.

 I can say that I am the most joyful and spirit-filled that I have ever been. So join with me in thanking our Beloved for all the blessings that never cease to pour out upon us.”


I have often found it interesting that as soon as I feel I have received “bad” news, another’s news has humbled me, for what I thought was awful a minute ago is laughable now.  I feel I benefit from hearing another’s experience.  My friend’s words are the essence of the Living God.

Now, I ask myself, can I offer my blessings beyond my small self and fall to my knees in prayer?

Into your hands Beloved I place my whole being,

my body, my mind, my heart, my soul, my strength and my spirit

I ask you Beloved to use me as you will

To bring about your wonders and your glories.

So all of humanity may come to know you and love you first in everything.

Thank you Beloved that this is so

So be it.

Why am I here?
To manifest heaven on earth
What am I doing?
Learning to embrace the sometimes strange but always loving ways of God.

Linda is a retired Special Needs School Teacher. Her mission in teaching was to provide the space for each student to see their magnificence rather than what was perceived as wrong. While living in rural Maine, she held spiritual retreats. Her peaceful cottage by the sea was a perfect place to be shared with others. Here she provided a place to be still and encouraged all to see the wonderful one within. In March of 2011, she moved to Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado and enjoys sharing time with parents in Maine and sons in Colorado. She entered the Full Self-Emergence Program at Sunrise Ranch. She also studies with her spiritual teacher Megan Don. Going on pilgrimages and walking in the shoes of the Mystics has helped Linda to find her innocence and let go of the stories of past experience. In 2011, she was blessed to visit The Findhorn Community and the island of Iona in Scotland. Linda loves travel, both in person and via photography via her brother’s God given talent and vision on chuckhaupt.com. When she isn’t on the Front Desk in Guest Services at the Ranch you will find her moving-dancing, hiking, drumming, or swinging in her hammock “with the Beloved”.

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3 Responses to “Why Am I Here? & What Am I Doing?”

  1. Jacqueline Says:

    Excellent article Linda!!! Thank you for sharing your love and light! I will meet you here 🙂

  2. Bobdad2 Says:

    My Dear Linda:
    Victor Hugo ( “Les Miserables”)
    “There is one spectacle grander than the sea, that is the sky; there is one spectacle grander than the sky, that is the interior of the soul.” …””WHY AM I HERE?…. comes from the deepest part of your soul, we just know it and are so proud. I read somewhere, sometime, that spirituality is our opening to one another as whole human beings…
    you’ve proven that to be true. We love you, Mommy and Bob.

  3. Chuck Says:

    If everyone could let go and let God, what a peaceful world we would live in. Then again we wouldn’t need to read your wonderful words that reminds us of the healing power that is in each and everyone of us. Thanks for sharing!

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