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Welcome to the Sunrise Ranch Journal, the official blog of Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado! The purpose is to interact with YOU, both in offering posts related to health, community living, poetry, spiritual growth, education, politics, parenting and family, business, creative arts, and other interesting topics AND in offering YOU a platform to post YOUR ideas about similar topics.

There is a special category for people who have attended or held events at Sunrise Ranch and would like to post a comment about your experience.

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Living Still

The air is still tonight. Scarcely a breeze disturbs the cool of Springtime. The robins are asleep. Familiar stars gleam in their accustomed home. I am content, resting, as my friend describes it, “In the lap of heaven.” Yet well I know, as I so quiet rest, That turbulence erupts, terrible and crushing, In many […]

What Is Your S.I.Q.?

by Jerry Kvasnicka S.I.Q. stands for “spiritual intelligence quotient.” It has to do with the spiritual discernment and consequent expression in living that results when consciousness is primarily informed by the universal essence that connects us all rather than by reaction to external factors. For personal and planetary health S.I.Q. is far more important than […]

Eye of the Storm – Journey through Meditation

Peace, Be still, the Master doth now declare To the furious flurry of whirling water and air I AM the commander of the ship and the sea All the parts of my world center back unto me Be still, thy turbulent waves and tempest winds Drop into the stillness and withdraw within   An awakened […]

Depression and Its Antidote

by Jerry Kvasnicka A radio talk show I listened to a few years ago featured a female sociologist being interviewed on the subject of depression. She said that according to recent studies married women are more likely to suffer from depression than married men, that some two thirds of all married women do experience depression, […]

Wisdom From the Back of a Car

submitted by Jerry Kvasnicka As I stated in the initial installment of this series I find a lot of wisdom in bumper stickers and keep a list of them handy for illustrating and driving home points I’m seeking to make in casual conversation or more public statements. Bumper stickers seem to have a marvelous ability […]

The Spirit Nation

Rhyming communication, enhancing realization   Be active in the preparation of your station For the ongoing calibration of your vibration To a higher elevation in this material nation   In a sincere affirmation of divination and holy individuation, Follow the gentle condensation of sensation through meditation And receive vital information for your present incarnation   […]

Lead Them – Live Them

We have an opportunity here, you and I To change the world, standing side by side With love in our hearts and kindness in our eyes We have strength and we shall not compromise   We don’t need a preacher, what we need is a teacher So do not speak at me; see with me, […]

Bluebird Wisdom

I took a walk in the forest to speak with the trees, in search of that something that everyone seeks. So many wonders and questions that fill up my mind, to help me understand my purpose this time. Suddenly she came, as perfect as could be. A blue bird singing this song from a tree. […]

Opportunity in Extremity

by Jerry Kvasnicka If human beings have demonstrated anything in their somewhat less than glorious history on this planet, it is a reluctance to alter their thinking and behavior as long as they are essentially comfortable. It often requires a state of depression or even desperation brought on by the loss of health, of a […]


A lifetime spent since days of childhood and school Getting by… just trying to fit in, look good and be cool I find I’m governed by expectations of an exterior world So I allowed myself a box into which I crimpled and curled The largeness of myself, being bordered and confined I fell asleep and […]

Life Resurrected

Spring does bring regeneration as nature calls forth for birth and growth and new life cycles begin And I’m reminded of a life once lived as Love incarnate, that transcended death around to life again I honor and celebrate that life example greatly given and embodied some few short millennia ago Preserved and anchored into […]

4 Reasons to Apply for Full Self Emergence

What sets Sunrise Ranch apart from other retreat and conference centers? Although it’s one of the oldest intentional communities in the country, Sunrise Ranch is more than a neighborly surround. It’s a spiritual body, a teaching and demonstration site, and an eco-minded farm and garden. Many residents joined the community by participating in Full Self […]

The Garden: Your New Happy Place

There may be a scientific explanation for the joy of plunging your hands into rich garden soil—and it’s not just because it reminds you of making mud pies as a kid. According to a recent article on Gardening Know How, Mycobacterium vaccae is a microbe that stimulates serotonin production and happens to be found in […]

Life Experience, Not Just Job Experience

You may not find spiritual internships listed on a university brochure, but such opportunities do exist around the world. The Ananda Center in Portland, for example, offers internships in yoga and community service. The Toronto School of Theology and Hamilton College provide more traditionally structured internships for college credit. And the Society for the Promotion […]

Location, Location, Location….

by Larry Pearlman I’m on the move again. No, that’s not right. I’m still on the move would be more accurate. Since my last post, which was way too long ago, I drove up to NJ where I spent 4 months with my friends Phyllis and Deb (more on that later) and then flew down […]

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