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Sounds Beautiful: Could cymatics influence our well-being?

By Elizabeth Fritzler If you’ve ever seen a visual display of sound frequencies, it’s probably been on a screen with sharp spikes and wavy lines. But did you know that the vibration from certain frequencies can form breathtaking shapes in matter, some of them resembling snowflakes or sacred geometry patterns? The study of the vibrational […]

From Scarcity to Abundance: Make Your Move

By Elizabeth Fritzler   One of my favorite scenes from the movie Office Space involves an unfortunate character and a scarcity of birthday cake. In this scene, cubicle dwellers gather around their loathsome supervisor and a cake while singing a lackluster rendition of “Happy Birthday.” Milton, a hopelessly inept employee, refuses to pass his slice […]

Making Life’s Major Decisions

submitted by Jerry Kvasnicka Recently, to my great dismay, the color television set in my living room began showing double images on the screen. I called a TV repairman and informed him that everyone has two faces. “Oh, that’s not unusual,” he replied. “It’s an election year.” This didn’t actually happen of course, but when […]

Community Living – Sunrise Ranch Is Sacred Land in Loveland, CO

Community Living at its Best Sunrise Ranch is sacred land. Located in Loveland, Colorado, on 350 acres of beautiful and nurtured land, Sunrise is the current home of the Arise Music Festival and many other programs. Sunrise Ranch also attracts and hosts some of the most transformational facilitators and their programs. With over 100 room […]

Culinary Arts — Sunrise Ranch Culinary Academy

Culinary Arts — The Game Has Changed With the epidemic of GMOs, Monsanto and artificially created foods, organic farming has never been so important. People are making their health more and more important, and here at Sunrise Ranch we are adding flavor with things like herbs rather than sugar or artificial sweeteners. The greatest addiction […]

How to create space for introspection

  By Elizabeth Fritzler “I should really do more yoga.” How many times has this thought, or something similar, crossed your mind? If you’re anything like me, you probably lost count a long time ago. I could use any excuse to rationalize my failure to get on the mat: not enough time, too tired, too […]

Unmentioned secrets in The Secret

By Gary Goodhue and Elizabeth Fritzler Between the movie and bestselling book, The Secret has sold more than 19 million copies worldwide. If the word manifestation wasn’t popular before the book and movie release in 2006, it became absolutely pervasive afterward in conversations where personal growth, quantum physics and human potential were concerned. The Secret […]

Bumper Stickers I Love #3

submitted by Jerry Kvasnicka As I stated in the initial installment of this series I find a lot of wisdom in bumper stickers and keep a list of them handy for illustrating and driving home points I’m seeking to make in casual conversation or more public statements. Bumper stickers seem to have a marvelous ability […]

Arise Music Festival 2014 – Sunrise Ranch

Arise Music Festival 2014 This is the 2nd Annual Arise Music Festival and will be held at the amazing Sunrise Ranch, in Loveland Colorado. With 365 Acres of land, Sunrise Ranch will be the home of the Arise Music Festival for the next 7 years. Tucked away in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, Sunrise Ranch offers many unique […]

7 Steps to Get Involved in Your Community

By Elizabeth Fritzler Growing up, I never did much community service.  Besides some light requirements as part of my high school program, volunteering at the local food bank never made it very high on my priority list. Now, years later, I look back and realize there were three big things stopping me from getting involved […]

Home Is Where the Heart Is

submitted by Larry Pearlman If Home is where the heart is Then may your Home be blessed A shelter from the storms of Life A place of rest, And when each day is over And toil put in its place Your Home’s dear warmth Will bring its smile To light the saddest face! (John McLeod) […]

Avoiding “Gravity Attacks”

submitted by Jerry Kvasnicka The term “gravity attack” is not in any dictionary that I own. As to the time, place and manner of its coinage I know nothing. I first heard it used by one of the presenters at a conference I attended many years ago in Vancouver, British Columbia. Its use brought forth […]

Poems by Ford North

submitted by Ford North Psalm Advice Source guides me to all that I am, want and need Nourishing nectar fuels my surrender sustaining my soul, nurturing…All Besides clear waters, I sit and drink restores my spirit, for the next round Harmonious flow moves me, through Life – day by day Dwell in the home of […]

More Wisdom from Bumper Stickers

submitted by Jerry Kvasnicka As I stated in the initial installment of this series I find a lot of wisdom in bumper stickers and keep a list of them handy for illustrating and driving home points I’m seeking to make in casual conversation or more public statements. Bumper stickers seem to have a marvelous ability […]

Attunement Retreat: April 4–6

Upcoming Event: Attunement Retreat, April 4–6 Stress levels recede. Emotions return to balance. Internal self-healing gets a jump start. These benefits, along with many others, make Attunement an attractive option to those seeking an energy medicine practice. And for those in search of greater understanding and more experience with Attunement, we offer just the thing: […]

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