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Welcome to the Sunrise Ranch Journal, the official blog of Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado! The purpose is to interact with YOU, both in offering posts related to health, community living, poetry, spiritual growth, education, politics, parenting and family, business, creative arts, and other interesting topics AND in offering YOU a platform to post YOUR ideas about similar topics.

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4 Reasons to Apply for Full Self Emergence

What sets Sunrise Ranch apart from other retreat and conference centers? Although it’s one of the oldest intentional communities in the country, Sunrise Ranch is more than a neighborly surround. It’s a spiritual body, a teaching and demonstration site, and an eco-minded farm and garden. Many residents joined the community by participating in Full Self […]

The Garden: Your New Happy Place

There may be a scientific explanation for the joy of plunging your hands into rich garden soil—and it’s not just because it reminds you of making mud pies as a kid. According to a recent article on Gardening Know How, Mycobacterium vaccae is a microbe that stimulates serotonin production and happens to be found in […]

Life Experience, Not Just Job Experience

You may not find spiritual internships listed on a university brochure, but such opportunities do exist around the world. The Ananda Center in Portland, for example, offers internships in yoga and community service. The Toronto School of Theology and Hamilton College provide more traditionally structured internships for college credit. And the Society for the Promotion […]

Location, Location, Location….

by Larry Pearlman I’m on the move again. No, that’s not right. I’m still on the move would be more accurate. Since my last post, which was way too long ago, I drove up to NJ where I spent 4 months with my friends Phyllis and Deb (more on that later) and then flew down […]

Eat to Live: A Glimpse Into the Food Culture at Sunrise Ranch

Eat to Live: A Glimpse Into the Food Culture at Sunrise Ranch By: Charlie Angelo   “Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are.” Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin   Each August for the past two years, the usually tranquil pastures of Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado, fill with bright faces, fanciful structures and […]

Fulfilling Mission – A Personal Story

by Jerry Kvasnicka It was his passion for service that allowed the legendary Arthur of old to draw the sword Excalibur out of the marble stone and anvil in which it had been set by Merlin the Magician. This in turn allowed Arthur to claim his sovereignty and be crowned king of the realm. But […]

A New Vision For Our Food: The Paradigm Shift

Organic gardening and humane animal treatment have always been cornerstones of Sunrise Ranch’s operations. We’re strong believers in the connection between nourishing food and spiritual well-being, so it makes sense to put healthy, satisfying meals at the top of our priority list. There’s no doubt about it: humanity is making a great shift in consciousness. […]


Submitted by Jerry Kvasnicka Why are we so different from one another? I have always been rather curious about this and consider the fact of human diversity to be at least as fascinating and worthy of celebration as the fact of human unity. We are such a varied lot. On the physical level there are […]

Align With Self, Align With Source

by Lori Rock, STANDING IN THE LIGHT® Teacher and Facilitator   Of all the New Year’s resolutions we can set for ourselves, what would be the one underlying quality that would help all of them? What one factor would help you achieve a better diet, a more appropriate exercise regime and more joy in daily […]

A New Year’s Resolution You Can Actually Keep

By Elizabeth Fritzler Lose weight. Eat less sugar. Practice guitar more often. New Year’s resolutions like these are fairly common in America. Weight loss and fitness goals regularly top the list of most popular resolutions. One trip to the gym on January 1 will show you just how many more people occupy the treadmills than […]

Sounds Beautiful: Could cymatics influence our well-being?

By Elizabeth Fritzler If you’ve ever seen a visual display of sound frequencies, it’s probably been on a screen with sharp spikes and wavy lines. But did you know that the vibration from certain frequencies can form breathtaking shapes in matter, some of them resembling snowflakes or sacred geometry patterns? The study of the vibrational […]

From Scarcity to Abundance: Make Your Move

By Elizabeth Fritzler   One of my favorite scenes from the movie Office Space involves an unfortunate character and a scarcity of birthday cake. In this scene, cubicle dwellers gather around their loathsome supervisor and a cake while singing a lackluster rendition of “Happy Birthday.” Milton, a hopelessly inept employee, refuses to pass his slice […]

Making Life’s Major Decisions

submitted by Jerry Kvasnicka Recently, to my great dismay, the color television set in my living room began showing double images on the screen. I called a TV repairman and informed him that everyone has two faces. “Oh, that’s not unusual,” he replied. “It’s an election year.” This didn’t actually happen of course, but when […]

Community Living – Sunrise Ranch Is Sacred Land in Loveland, CO

Community Living at its Best Sunrise Ranch is sacred land. Located in Loveland, Colorado, on 350 acres of beautiful and nurtured land, Sunrise is the current home of the Arise Music Festival and many other programs. Sunrise Ranch also attracts and hosts some of the most transformational facilitators and their programs. With over 100 room […]

Culinary Arts — Sunrise Ranch Culinary Academy

Culinary Arts — The Game Has Changed With the epidemic of GMOs, Monsanto and artificially created foods, organic farming has never been so important. People are making their health more and more important, and here at Sunrise Ranch we are adding flavor with things like herbs rather than sugar or artificial sweeteners. The greatest addiction […]

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