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Welcome to the Sunrise Ranch Journal, the official blog of Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado! The purpose is to interact with YOU, both in offering posts related to health, community living, poetry, spiritual growth, education, politics, parenting and family, business, creative arts, and other interesting topics AND in offering YOU a platform to post YOUR ideas about similar topics.

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We Are Designed to Create

How does magic come through a singer, a poet, a dancer, or an artist? How does wisdom come? Because they make space for it to come. I have been considering if this magic and wisdom comes differently to men and women. Is there a feminine track of creation and a masculine track? What is the […]

From Victims of Iconalatry to Masters of Iconography

by Jerry Kvasnicka An iconoclast is defined as “one who destroys religious images or opposes their veneration; one who attacks settled beliefs or institutions.” With respect to the fulfillment of my spiritual work on earth I have felt it necessary to be something of an iconoclast, though I have not engaged in the more extreme […]

What Bee in a Name?

by Larry Pearlman If you are an American (North or South), what comes to mind for you when you hear the phrase, “Africanized Killer Bees”? I’m sure there has been a B-Movie (pardon the pun) made capitalizing on the fear that fills the body when hearing this term. Visualizations of hundreds of bees swarming on […]


Here is the place of love, The place of magic, of order And true stability, Where the sky is not heaven But the blue of it, yes, is a link with heaven, And the clouds are not a veil to us But only the presence of a thought That for the moment is not blue. […]

Shall We Dance?

Dancing with the feet is one thing. Dancing with the heart is another. — author unknown Folks here at Sunrise Ranch are in a celebratory mood these days. In the lingo of this “vibrational” ministry, things are really moving, and we’re all feeling it. Hi, I’m Roshana, a Full Self Emergence intern at Sunrise, bringing […]

Reconnecting Humanity: Moving Beyond Treating Symptoms to Working at Cause

by Jerry Kvasnicka Back along the way human beings, for whatever reason, disconnected from the truth of themselves and from the creative process that governs all life in the universe. Some would describe this as a separation from God, and in traditional religion it is sometimes referred to as “The Fall.” The opening chapters of […]

A typical day in an enchanted land

  Good morning, sheep! Good morning, cows! Good morning, ducks!   Roshana here, a Full Self Emergence intern at Sunrise Ranch, bringing you my monthly glance at life here on the Ranch. This time, I thought I’d tell you about what a typical day looks like, but these past few weeks have been anything but […]

Here, Now

by Larry Pearlman There was a time, in the Colorado Rockies, when I stood and was transfixed by the sight of the Aspens, the glorious Aspens, shimmering in the wind. There is that time of year when the leaves are just the right color when “shimmering” is just the right word for the magical display […]

Generic Is Beautiful

by Jerry Kvasnicka No matter the product, I always opt for generic if it is available. Why should I pay more to have my oatmeal subjected to more processing and put into a fancy container? When I want oatmeal just plain oatmeal will do, thank you, and the box it comes in will end up […]

Layers are Falling

The clothes are falling off as summer is in full swing here at Sunrise Ranch. Hi, this is Roshana, a Full Self Emergence intern at Sunrise Ranch, bringing you another look at life in this unique community as I enter my third month in the FSE program. I should make clear that nobody’s running around […]


I have spent a number of hours of my life being upset with myself for the way I was feeling. If I were to add it up it would equal days, weeks, even months of time. I used to pray for the ability to stop feeling. That may sound ridiculous, but I have had such […]

Keys to Emotional Intelligence

by Jerry Kvasnicka “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” This statement made by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount may very well describe the work of the emerging spiritual body on earth. We are interested in seeing God in ourselves and in others, but as long as the heart […]

Have I fully emerged?

Nope, not even close. Hi, I’m Roshana, a Full Self Emergence intern at Sunrise Ranch. I’m beginning my third month here at the Ranch, having arrived in mid-April. The days are getting hot, the grass is growing high, the birds are singing and the flowers blooming. The pool and hot tub are open, the food […]

The Voice of Being

by David Karchere   I am the voice of Being, Speaking in human hearts and minds.   I am the living Word, Creative vibration born in the highest heaven.   I am the sacred presence Which lives at the heart of all creation.   I have more faces than there are rocks in the desert, […]

Prayer: Directed vs Non-Directed

by Jerry Kvasnicka During a lively dinner table conversation I once participated in the subject of prayer was broached. A young woman described an experiment involving garden vegetables. One group of plants was given “directed prayer,” i.e. experimenters prayed specifically for a large yield from each plant. Another was offered “non-directed prayer,” i.e. the whole […]

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