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Sunrise Ranch Journal:  Blog on Meditations, Inspirations and Life Transformations.

The Sunrise Ranch Journal

Welcome to the Sunrise Ranch Journal, the official blog of Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado! The purpose is to interact with YOU, both in offering posts related to health, community living, poetry, spiritual growth, education, politics, parenting and family, business, creative arts, and other interesting topics AND in offering YOU a platform to post YOUR ideas about similar topics.

There is a special category for people who have attended or held events at Sunrise Ranch and would like to post a comment about your experience.

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Let All Things Be Made New

As soon as something is born, it begins to die. That might seem a little extreme but there is truth in it. That is the way of the physical. Everything operating in the physical world experiences the effects of time. This manifests as aging and/or a decline in usefulness or productivity. Nothing lasts forever, as […]

Born to Be Wild

by Jerry Kvasnicka I remember dancing to the song “Born to Be Wild” by Steppenwolf back in the late 60’s. As I danced with abandon something deep within me seemed to compel the realization that wildness is basic to my nature. I now feel this is true for all of us. There is an aspect […]

FSE: Awakening the Creative Spirit

  “Full Self Emergence is a seven-month residential program at Sunrise Ranch. It is for people who have awakened to the creative spirit within them and who are ready to let it out.” That is part of the description of our Full Self Emergence program. And there is so much more! Each individual who has […]

The Spirit of Quotation

By Dorian Black There is a story told of an elderly lady who, never having read Shakespeare or attended one of his plays, was taken to a performance of Hamlet. She was heard to remark afterward that she had greatly enjoyed the play, thought it was a good story and well written, but “Why did […]

The Grandfatherly Presence

By Dorian Black So, strictly speaking, I am not a grandfather. But with numerous nephews and nieces and their children and grands and greats, plus dearly beloved friends of all ages, it does appear I am called to such a role. Of course, no one wants to be preached at. Or to be told we […]

Bring It On! Confrontation as an Essential Spiritual Practice

by Jerry Kvasnicka Being normally a rather easy-going and reserved person it’s hard for me now to imagine how, as part of my youthful rebellion against the institutional church, I stood up in the midst of a worship service in front of several hundred people and shouted down the minister just after he had concluded […]

Spiritual Politics: Oxymoron or Real Possibility?

by Jerry Kvasnicka Once again in the United States we are in the midst of election for President and members of Congress. Backed by large campaign treasure chests and ample staffs of supporters, aspirants for office are again engaged in fierce competition for votes and in the process making lavish promises to recharge the economy, […]

Awaken, Arise, Activate

  Hear the Call from the Source of All   Awaken!  Creator Son of Reality, Awaken!  Sons and Daughters of God, created in the image of… Don’t go and give your power away, then stop to think and say, I wish there was another way. You are powerful! You are free!  You are the creator […]

What Stuff

What stuff of which we are made. All image we see, shadow and streak In it we are made. All charm we hear, rumbling and humming The plink of a solitary raindrop, a pine needle long tumbling to earth Of that we are made. All our flesh may touch, tender and coarse, Crouched and handled, […]

Liberation Spirituality

by Jerry Kvasnicka “To grow Sunrise Ranch as the thriving home community for Emissaries of Divine Light and as a teaching and demonstration sight for enlightened creative living.” So reads the second primary objective that emerged from our strategic planning process. Yes those who live in this thriving spiritual community are committed to demonstrate enlightened […]

When All of Life Becomes a Meditation

by Jerry Kvasnicka Every evening after work he descended into his small basement apartment, assumed a lotus position in front of a blank space of wall and began counting his breaths, fiercely concentrating on each number until nothing occupied his consciousness but the number. 1… 2… 3… After each cycle of ten he started over. […]

Living Still

The air is still tonight. Scarcely a breeze disturbs the cool of Springtime. The robins are asleep. Familiar stars gleam in their accustomed home. I am content, resting, as my friend describes it, “In the lap of heaven.” Yet well I know, as I so quiet rest, That turbulence erupts, terrible and crushing, In many […]

What Is Your S.I.Q.?

by Jerry Kvasnicka S.I.Q. stands for “spiritual intelligence quotient.” It has to do with the spiritual discernment and consequent expression in living that results when consciousness is primarily informed by the universal essence that connects us all rather than by reaction to external factors. For personal and planetary health S.I.Q. is far more important than […]

Eye of the Storm – Journey through Meditation

Peace, Be still, the Master doth now declare To the furious flurry of whirling water and air I AM the commander of the ship and the sea All the parts of my world center back unto me Be still, thy turbulent waves and tempest winds Drop into the stillness and withdraw within   An awakened […]

Depression and Its Antidote

by Jerry Kvasnicka A radio talk show I listened to a few years ago featured a female sociologist being interviewed on the subject of depression. She said that according to recent studies married women are more likely to suffer from depression than married men, that some two thirds of all married women do experience depression, […]

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