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Comments From Guests

Participants from St. Andrew’s Methodist Church

  • “Thanks for being open to a high energy youth group!”
  • “The residents loved us. Overall you have a WONDERFUL center. Thank you!!!”

Participants from North American Journey Practitioner’s Association

  • “The quality of food was excellent and knowing it was all Blessed was Beautiful.”
  • “I enjoyed my visit and look forward to coming back again.”
  • “Loved the time here.”
  • “Loved the food.”
  • “Food and service is excellent.”
  • “Food was fantastic!!!”
  • “A beautifully peaceful, calm place.”

Leader of On Course International, Jim Warner

The OnCourse International Guild meeting in April 2008 assembled 25 of the top facilitation and consulting resources from around the globe for four days of trainings, small group interactions and social time at Sunrise Ranch. The level of hospitality and responsiveness of the stellar Sunrise conference staff (Greg Bullock, Chris Bullock, Linda Fisher) exceeded the support we receive at five-star hotels. Beyond simple responsiveness, the support and service staff at Sunrise truly CARED about the success of our meeting and the comfort or the participants. Beyond being “guests,” we felt like part of the Sunrise Family.

On a more practical level, the menu selections and food preparation rivaled that of the finest conference facilities where we have worked. All of our participants’ special dietary needs (e.g., gluten-free options at meals) were met graciously and promptly. The impeccable cleanliness of the Pavilion area and meeting rooms, coupled with the artwork / décor throughout the Ranch, reflected a commitment of the Sunrise governance to creating and maintaining a first-class conference venue. We will be back.

Participants from Blue Sun Energetics

  • “I will remember the sense of peace and serenity found in this place. Thank you.”
  • “Beautiful atmosphere. Lovely energy. I felt so peaceful here. Much needed. Thank you.”
  • “The love energy is strong & encompassing. I appreciate it.”
  • “William’s attunement was delightful.”
  • “I felt so at home in heart and space. So enjoyed everyone here at Sunrise. The love and light and the radiance of everyone I met as well as the environment itself has been so enjoyable. Thank you!”
  • “It was a high & grounded blessing to be enveloped in this calm and loving atmosphere. Much gratitude to all beings involved & the attunement was wonder full!”
  • “The feeling of spiritually based community is uplifting. Loved the attunement!”
  • “The energy is special; the atmosphere is reverent. Everyone here is friendly & gracious. Loved it all. Thanks.”
  • “We feel totally blessed and guided to have connected with you. Thank you.”

Participants from Healing Touch

  • “The people make this place.”
  • “I really love the people who live at Sunrise Ranch. They made us feel welcome in their community.”
  • “Wonderful location & surroundings. Thank you!”
  • “Friendly people! Beautiful grounds, labyrinth and pond especially.”
  • “Beautiful grounds; loving, kindness energy from the staff.”
  • “The people were gracious & welcoming. The food was amazing. Thank you so much!

Participants from Open Door

  • “The welcome was delightful & the stay was full of ease. And many thanks to the cooks for the delicious food.”
  • “Beds were wonderfully comfortable. Food was good. Energy is great here!”
  • “People very welcoming. Land has a great energetic “feel”
  • “This was a great experience- everyone I met was happy & just lovely. The food couldn’t have been better!!”
  • “The energy is really great here. Staff stands out as wonderful. Thank you for taking care of us so beautifully.:)”
  • “Best people and best food I’ve ever encountered at a retreat center”
  • “The staff & food were wonderful! The energy of the whole experience was fabulous!”
  • “All of your staff & residents were so very friendly and helpful. It is obvious that you come from your spiritual Heart of Being. We need more like you in the world!”

Participants from the Healing Sounds Intensive

  • ” I will always appreciate the loving atmosphere of Sunrise Ranch. What a blessing to be with all of you. Blessings to all!”
  • “I’ve been to many similar places- this was by far the best experience. Why? Because of the people of this community. You all have a wonderful light and glow- the love shines in you! THANK YOU!!”
  • “So precious, the clarity of loving, joyful existence. A communion of people, honorably together for the highest good of all, what a heartfelt gratefulness.”
  • “This is such a slice of heaven and it is hard to leave.”
  • “The whole experience was sublime!”
  • “This is a magical place. I enjoyed it a lot!!”
  • “The light & love from every staff member & throughout the facility was stupendous! Thank you. Continue your great work.”
  • “The atmosphere and site are healing in themselves. It’s a wonderful experience to be here!:)”
  • “The warmth, humor and welcome was above and beyond!!”
  • “Your home is physically beautiful and I felt welcomed by everyone I met. Ten days is a long time to spend somewhere- but I wasn’t in a rush to go. Keep up your good work.”

From the Nur Ashki Sufis

  • “Wonderful people, amazing location, delicious food.”

From Shamanic Studies

  • “The people who live here are the greatest- sincere- caring.”
  • “Staff were extraordinarily friendly & helpful & welcoming. Thank you!”

Participants From Quantum Energetics

  • “This is a very beautiful, calm, energizing, welcoming facility. Keep up the good work! Service was wonderful- food was awesome!”
  • “Wonderfully warm staff. Very peaceful atmosphere and very clean. Thank you for all your hard work and attention to detail and your striving for excellence.”
  • “The atmosphere and staff are fantastic! Wonderful energy & respect for holding a healthy open space here. Beautiful grounds & area. Thank you for your loving care & delightful attitude. Also your attention to providing our excellent comfort. THANK YOU!”
  • “Thank you. I was so appreciative of the warm, welcoming environment & excellent atmosphere. Everything was wonderfully clean & the staff was so friendly.”
  • “Your staff was like fairies. Things were taken care of as if by magic. I hardly ever saw them. Everyone was very friendly. Your environment here is very beautiful & very peaceful. Good energy! I’m looking forward to coming back. Thank you.”

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