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JULY 9-12, 2015


Step into a field of Conscious Co-Creation. Engage in a unique, experiential gathering of evolutionary pioneers. Come together for greater connectivity and resonance to discover a new way of being. How do we navigate this new terrain? We will gather and trust the field to guide us…

The Co-Creators Convergence 2015 is an invitation to celebrate and make visible the field of our collective wisdom, inspiration, love, and power. We choose to expand our connection and elevate consciousness through sound, art, group interaction, ritual, movement and laughter. Our declaration is to return to joy, and embrace the next steps as a collective. In doing so, we expand our capacity to be fully present through all of life’s challenges, while maintaining a field of resonance.

Discover the full pattern of the emerging co-creator. Join us for a gathering where each one has come to share their fullest expression for the highest good of the whole. We will weave our worlds in synergistic play and allow the field to reveal what’s next…

  • Connect in community, following a tribal model, teaching and learning from one another
  • Enjoy holding and maintaining Field Resonance
  • Participate in a supportive community atmosphere and experience deep connection with others as you realign and attune to your gift to humanity
  • Engage in sacred action through a collective gift of service to Sunrise Ranch
  • Support others as they support you in co-creative play
  • Have time to walk the Labyrinth, meditate, journal and commune in nature
  • Immerse yourself in the beautiful pristine foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains
  • Head back out to your family, friends and community supported by your co-creative family!

Click here to REGISTER NOW ~ participation is limited.

WHO?  We are new seekers, sacred activists, and joyful members of the evolving Humanity. We are authors, artists, musicians, healers and co-creators supporting co-creators! We are visionary leaders, engaged followers and eager participants on a journey of conscious evolution.  Everyone who enjoys a spiritual, co-creative community is invited to awaken, share, experience, play, and evolve together.

WHY?  We consciously come together to connect and acknowledge ourselves as members of a universal family.  We will dive more intimately and deeply into who we are as a collective of conscious co-creators, expanding our vision to uplift humanity and the planet.  Our intention is to allow space to grow this emerging consciousness and bring this understanding “back home” activating new pathways of service in our homes, neighborhoods, communities and beyond.  We will leave the Convergence refreshed and eager to love, serve and remember our collective higher purpose.  Come — be renewed, affirmed, elevated and inspired!

WHEN?  Thursday, July 9 to Sunday, July 12, 2015.  Registration 10 a.m. – noon on Thursday. Convergence begins after lunch and concludes Sunday at noon. It is time to anchor the reality and power of our ability to Co-Create, which happens within a Conscious Community.

WHERE?  We will gather at beautiful Sunrise Ranch outside of Loveland, Colorado. Since 1945, Sunrise, an intentional spiritual community of 70+ members, has lovingly stewarded the land and water of its 350-acre ranch. Nestled in a valley between red sandstone and pine-covered granite hills, Sunrise Ranch has diverse ecologies, mature food forests, and an enduring integrative eco-social design. It also boasts a Culinary School as well as a 400-person event dome inspired by Buckminster Fuller and hosts a variety of conscious events.  Find out more about this incredible venue at http://sunriseranch.org/about/


LODGING: Room & scrumptious farm-to-table organic meals inclusive with accommodations ranging from $62 (BYO tent/camper) to $118/single room. (Single rooms are limited).  Local commuters: $45/day.

Click here to REGISTER NOW ~ participation is limited.


  • Bonfire, talk story and communing with the stars
  • Plenty of time in Nature – connecting with the Sacred
  • Closing ceremony and celebration
  • ….and MORE !

Click here to REGISTER NOW ~ participation is limited.



2015 Planning Stewards


Julie Krull

In a generative model of personal, social and global transformation, Dr. Julie Krull is making connections that inspire and accelerate individual and collective awakening.  Dr. Julie facilitates opportunities to bring spirit and consciousness more fully into life, relationships, the workplace, community, and the planet.  She is celebrated as a visionary teacher and mystic, known for her authentic, down-to-earth approach.

Her fiery passion to uplift humanity began as a child.  After an early childhood near death experience, her spiritual gifts presented.  Subsequent childhood trauma and adverse experiences left her asking big questions about the Universe, the purpose of life, and the deeper spiritual meaning of humanity’s pain and suffering.  At the age of 11, she was given answers in a powerful, prophetic vision of the great shift of consciousness occurring on the planet and her service to it.  She has followed that path as a healer, teacher and spiritual midwife ever since.

Dr. Julie is founder of Generative Alliance, LLC, and hosts The Dr. Julie Show:  All Things Connected on Transformation Talk Radio and WBLQ. She is the author of the forthcoming book: Fractured Grace.

Julie is bringing spirit and consciousness to life at: www.JulieKrull.com  and www.TheDrJulieShow.com



Nina Patrick

Co-Founder, Sacred Travel Initiative and Conscious Evolutionaries Chicagoland

Retired from Fortune 1000 Corporate America, Nina is in service to a higher calling with conscious evolutionaries around the world; the awakening of humanity’s potential for the highest good of all life. As part of this higher calling Nina connects, aligns and celebrates individuals and organizations contributing to the highest good of all life.  She feels it is time to make clearly visible the vast movement for positive change that is arising everywhere.

Nina is bringing spirit and consciousness to life at: www.cechicagoland.org and www.SacredTravelInitiative.com


Shelley Darling

Shelley Darling has dedicated over 35 years to the path of Unconditional Love and Conscious Evolution. After synthesizing 15 years of experience counseling individuals, couples, and teens in “Embodied Heart Awakening”, Shelley worked extensively as a Mentor with Barbara Marx Hubbard, traveling for over 3 years facilitating heart resonance circles, weaving community connections and in 2014 initiated EVOLVING Tampa Bay, a regional co-creative experience, focused on expanding community coherence.  Shelley is currently enrolled in the Delegate Program with Nassim Haramein and The Resonance Project.

She is the founder of Earth Medicine Alchemy and Golden Light Dowsing a highly effective, whole systems, transformational journey, which speaks to Dowsing as an evolutionary tool that creates a “quickening” in the Field. This “quickening” allows easier access to one’s higher consciousness and Soul purpose, while restoring and healing the Earth.

Shelley’s passion and commitment is to support individuals and communities in the direct experience of embodying the intelligence of the Unified “Heart” Field, as it magnificently awakens our collective consciousness, births new solutions, while generating and fulfilling our longed-for sense of intimacy and connection.

Shelley is bringing spirit and consciousness to life at: www.shelleydarling.com, www.goldenlightdowsing.com and  www.evolvingtampabay.com



Bob Warner

Bob has “rewired” a 37-year career as an aviation association executive with a limited belief of self; choosing to move forward as a conscious evolutionary.  For years, Bob was self identified as a pilot who had “survived” childhood abuse, created a successful career in service organizations and married “up.”  His multi-year transition to a more awakened state came through personal empowerment work, spiritual liberation and an expanded worldview.

In 2012, Bob, along with his wife, Noel Marshall, re-purposed their full-time RV-lifestyle into a “mobile turtle-hut of consciousness” and hit the “HIGHway” inviting others to the Birth 2012 movement.  Today, days along The Consciously Evolving Road are directed by Spirit in sacred service to humanity.  Currently, this is in the form of stewarding the CoCreators Convergence Community, participating in environmental activism and volunteering for Pachamama Alliance.

“Next” is the search of opportunities to glow, grow and serve – while celebrating Humanity’s Oneness.  Bob is bringing spirit and consciousness to life at: www.LightPartners.org




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