Creative Arts at Sunrise Ranch: Concerts, Dancing, Drumming, Art

The Sunrise Ranch Concert Series

Sunrise Ranch Concerts Ruthie Foster
There’s nothing quite like a concert held at the Dome at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado. Audiences and performers alike rave about the venue, sound, performances, and the…energy!¬†We have a variety of genres gracing our stage, from blues to classical to folk and bluegrass. Join us for dinner and a concert for an evening to remember.

Recent Concerts:

Donna De Lory Saturday Night Concert in the Dome

Donna DeLory in The Dome

at the Vibrational Field Conference




Lil Sumn Sumn

Lil Sum’n Sum’n in The Dome





Videos from Concert Series:

Pieta Brown and Carrie Rodriguez

Liz Barnez


DjO Djembe Orchestra

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